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    Canon Vixia HG-10

      I have PE3, using a miniDV camcorder. It has worked very well.

      I am looking to buy an HD HDD camcorder. Obviously, I will need to upgrade to PE7.

      The Canon Vixia HG-10 looks like it would suite my needs very well.

      However, I have read reviews that indicate that it does not work with Premiere Elements. These reviews are at least six months old.

      Is this still true? Can I work with HG-10 files in PE7? I have read posts that seem to indicate that a work-around is to use the software that comes with the camera to copy files to the computer hard drive and then import them into PE7. Is this true?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Well, technically, it will work with Premiere Elements 7.

          But these type of camcorders, which record to a format called AVCHD, can be a real challenge to edit on pretty much any PC-based editor because the files are so huge and so highly compressed.

          Those who are successfully editing AVCHD in Premiere Elements are doing so on computers with quad-core processors with 4 gigs of RAM. I don't know about you, but that's a bit rich for my blood.

          If you're looking at upgrading to hi-def, I'd recommend you look into a tape-based HDV camcorder, like the Canon HV series. This camcorders produce excellent results and their video can be edited on most current computers.
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            I have an HG-10 with elements 4.0, I have been trying to get it to work but no way. I guess I should have done my research before buying it. It does take amazing video and I do love the Hard Drive. Does anyone know which software to use to make it more user friendly?
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              Paul_LS Level 4
              PE7 will handle the AVCHD files from the HG-10. Otherwise you need to convert them to work with PE4. Adobe gives these suggestions: