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    pulling video off a dvd

    Sarahn51 Level 1

      I have a client who wants to pull the video off the DVD I did for her to either upload to youtube and or send it in an e-mail.

      My camera is an Cannon HDD VIXIA 20 High Def. I use Adobe Premiere Elements 7 and burn my videos to DVD-R disks.

      Would I be better off using Windows Movie Maker program to do the editing and burning? The editing is very miminal, I put transitions on it and a photoshop jpg page saying what it is and then a photoshop jpg end page. The video in total is about 45min to an hour long, I am not sure what kind of computer or equiptment they have.

      or should I just save the raw files to a CD. I plug the camera into the computer, and move the files from the Hard Drive on the camera to one of my external hard drives before I pull it into Premiere.

      Thoughts please and thanks sarah
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Because or Premiere Elements' challenges with Canon Vixia files, any workflow that can leave that camcorder out of the mix would be preferred. Likewise, you want to minimize the number of transfers.

          If your computer is up to date and well maintained, you should be able to use the files directly from that DVD in Premiere Elements 7. Just put the DVD in your drive and use the Media Downloader in Premiere Elements to copy the files to your drive.

          If your Premiere Elements project is set up for working with DVD files, you should get very good results. Certainly good enough for YouTube. (This is assuming, of course, that this is not a commercial DVD, which may have copy-protection issues.)
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            Level 1
            Some additional points on VOB files:

            Windows Movie Maker does not support VOB files, so there goes that option. (VOB doesn't show on import as a file extension).

            When working off of a DVD with multiple VOB's, on import to PE you may find that the video & audio drift out of sync.

            If you encounter sync problems, concantonate the VOB's as per this thread. That should resolve this issue:


            What I found works best for me is as follows:

            ~ Combine VOB's for sync.
            ~ Convert new VOB to DV-AVI via VirtualDub (or use PE for conversion).
            ~ Import DV-AVI to PE

            Editing has been hassle free with this workflow...
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              Allen Joy Level 1

              HI ,


              You should use Media downloader to get the videos from the DVD . Go to Organize->GET MEDIA and click AVCHD or other Hard DISK /memory camcorder. Select the DVD from the dropdown list and get the contents to premiere elements. After this you can usre it like a normal video and can upload to premiere elements through Upload to you tube option or conver the video to AVI format in Premiere Elements and send it via email.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If you still have your original PE Project (I know that that is a big IF), the best solution would be to Open that Project and Export with either the YouTube setting (YouTube changes the requirements almost daily, so you may need to manually alter that Preset), or use one of the "streaming" formats, like WMV. Send that file to your friend, either as an e-mail attachment, or on a data CD. The quality will be be better, than ripping from the DVD with its MPEG-2 compression.


                Otherwise, the replies below give you some good advice for working from the DVD that you produced. Since the total Duration is 45mins. you might only have one VOB on the DVD to contend with. One "trick" would be to copy that VOB from the DVD to your, or your friend's hard drive, and rename it's extension from .VOB to .MPEG. Then, that file *should* work in most editing applications, from which a "streaming" format, like .WMV could be Exported. There are programs, that can combine multiple VOB's into one, but the other replies will get you what you ultimately want.


                Good luck,



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                  Trying to import from a DVD into Elements 7 using Get Media.


                  Results in all scenes having coloured bars across imported video. How can I repair. Original DVD doesn't show coloured bars when viewed via dvd player or Windows media player.


                  Using Dell Inspiron Windows 7 8gig ram.


                  Any help gratefully accepted.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    This most often happens, when one is trying to Import from a commercial DVD, that has copy protection.


                    Is this a personally created DVD-Video, or a commercial DVD?


                    Does this happen with every VOB on the disc, or just the first one (personally created DVD)?


                    Good luck,



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      If it is a commercial DVD, the tips in this Encore FAQ Entry will be about your only option, if you can do it at all. Remember, all commercial DVD's are © protected, plus copy protected. This is done as an anti-piracy deterrent.


                      Good luck,



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        This ARTICLE will give you more background on VOB's - the container that holds the MPEG-2 AV files.


                        Good luck,



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                          gkh1 Level 1

                          Bill, Many thanks for the prompt reply.


                          The DVD in question is not commercially produced - it is actually a private video of a wedding that I am trying to tie into a video of my own of the same occasion.


                          Many thanks again


                          Geoff Hovland

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            Since this is not a commercially produced DVD, you should be able to just Import the VOB files into PrE. First step is to Copy the full VIDEO_TS folder and contents to your HDD. Then, Import the VOB(s) into PrE.


                            The first VOB can still be an issue, as it contains any Menus and navigation, along with the very first part of the MPEG-2 AV file. That MPEG-2 will span the various VOB's. Depending on the software used to author the DVD, the first VOB might come in perfectly, or there might be issues. Those Menus and navigation elements can be highly problematic. PrE (and PrPro CS4) will handle 100% DVD-compliant VOB's, but some authoring programs play fast-and-loose with the DVD-specs., and this is where the issues come in. That linked article on VOB files will go into more detail.


                            One trick, that often works, is to just rename the first VOB's file extension to .MPEG, and then Import that. Unfortunately, there can be more than just the MPEG-2 in the first VOB.


                            Also, some video producers will add color bars and tone at the beginning of the disc. This might be contained in the video's Timeline, or might be separate. These are used for calibration of one's DVD player/TV. It could be that the creator added these, but then set up the DVD to skip over them. They can often be accessed via a Menu for calibration purposes. While one might not see these, when the DVD is played normally, they WILL appear at the beginning, when you rip the DVD. If this is the case, just cut out the bars and tone.


                            Good luck,



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                              Kodebuster Level 3

                              GKH1, look at both my and Steve's post above.


                              If you want to rip from a DVD and then import into PE for editing, what I found works best is to convert the VOB files into DV-AVI.


                              Again there can be issues with the sync of audio/video when a DVD has multiple VOB's on it, but once you get past that hurdle, there are a number of free packages that will convert to DV-AVI.


                              This link shows how to fix the VOB sync issue (if needed):




                              But first I would convert the VOB's (via Prism) and see how that goes.


                              This link gives you the latest convert software options (I've used Prism and would not hesitate to recommend):