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    Pre7: On TV screen, NTSC widescreen video edges are hidden

      I have a 16:9 project which looks fine in Preview, but when burned to disc and displayed on a 4:3 TV set, the edges don't show. Normally when 16:9 videos are played with my equipment, the entire width is displayed, with black bands above and below. There is no menu option on my DVD player to force 16:9 display.

      Now, here are the details...
      - Camera: Panasonic HD-40 (standard definition; here, HD means "hard drive")
      - Camera setting: 16:9
      - Project setting: 16:9,
      note - I had to manually use Interpret Footage to get each clip to display with the proper pixel ratio
      - Burning to disc, I used the preset NTSC_Widescreen_DolbyDVD
      - DVD player: Phillips DVD726/17 (July 2003) {OK, it's ancient!}

      TIA - Larry