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    Cannot save and keep sound embedded with the project

      I am working on a movie with 1 short video downloaded clip and many jpeg stills as a trial for a larger school project. I have put sound into the project and saved the project. I can listen to the sound However when I save on my school server I cannot open the project up on a computer that has PE and has a burner for me to burn a CD. I have rendered the project. When I attempt to open the project PE states it cannot locate the source of the music. I put the sound in the same folder. I can view the movie, and pictures but the project still cannot find the sound. Please help! Thanks.
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          None of the Premiere versions, or programs, work well on networkds. You will have better luck if you store your Project on an external, with the proper drive letter assignation and the media files, things will be better for you.


          I use a 2TB external with the PREL (Project files), all media and these are each assigned the same drive letter in the OS of all of my editing machines. So long as the drive letter does not change (you MUST set it in the OS of each machine), things work perfectly.


          You may wish to contact Adobe Tech Support, regarding the school's network, most people have insurmountable difficulties trying to do so.


          Good luck, and please report back, as schools often attmept to use Premiere and Elements on any network.