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    Can't import the VTS_01_1.VOB file

      This is a showstopper for me. I'm trying to convert my family movies from VHS to DVD, then importing to Premiere Elements 7 to add scene markers, etc. But PE7 always fails on the VTS_01_1.VOB file. It does fine with VTS_01_2 and higher numbers, but always fails on 01_1. I can view the entire movie just fine with Windows Media software, so I know the 01_1 file is fine. And I've tried this on 15 different VHS tapes so far, so I know it's not a problem with a specific tape. Is there a fix available for this? Is there any way around this problem?
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            Possibly, a better workflow can benefit you. I do a lot of VHS to DVD transfer for clients. I always do an Analog to Digital capture through an A-D device, or card, via DV-AVI files. These are what will be Imported into Premiere and edited.

            Two reasons for this:

            1.) when you go Analog to Digital and burn to DVD (all in one step), you are creating MPEG-2 compressed files. If you then edit in Premiere, it is converting from MPEG-2 to DV-AVI, and then you will Export as MPEG-2 (again) to Burn your final DVD. Two MPEG-2 compressions take place, and the quality will go down.

            2.) all NLE's that are based on a DV-AVI workflow will need to convert to DV-AVI (or have the files converted outside the NLE), and most have some problem with direct Import of VOB's. PE does better than many, and much, much better than its "big-brother" Premiere Pro. Still, none are totally immune from problems.

            I happen to use Turtle Beach as my A-D device, but Canopus and ADS Pyro-link get very high marks and a ton of recs. from people, who use them. Also, most of these offer pre-processing of the VHS material, to improve it before you do your post-production. This can benefit you greatly, as VHS material almost always needs additional image processing.

            The fewer conversions and compressions your footage goes through, the better the quality will be in the end.

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              Thanks for the detailed advice. If I understand you correctly, if I want to edit the files, I shouldn't be using my handy Sony system that dubs the VHS tapes to DVDs. Your recommendation is to use a device that converts the VHS tapes directly to AVIs. Did I understand correctly?
              I looked up a couple of the devices that you recommended, and it sounds like my old video camera (thank goodness I still have it!) should connect directly to one of those devices, then the device will connect to my computer.
              Will I be able to do a direct "Get Media" from PE7 if I have the computer to device to VHS camera linkage?
              thanks for the help! Jean
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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
                Yes. Although, if you use a DV bridge, you won't be able to control your VHS with the computer program. You'll need to play, rewind, etc., manually. But the results should be terrific! Especially with the ADS Pyro AV Link or Canopus ADVC, as recommended in the FAQs at the top of this forum.