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    Capturing the Video from JVC Camcorder

      I was recently advised to purchase Adobe Premier Elements 7 and a new computer with a Windows Vista operating system. The camcorder and computer have plug in ports for firewire. However, the capture mode only seems to copy the video at the same rate that it plays the movie. In addition, it doesn't seem to transfer any audio. Any suggestions?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Assuming this is a miniDV camcorder, streaming capture is not only the only way to capture your video over FireWire but it's the PREFERRED way.

          Video streamed in from a miniDV over FireWire produces DV-AVIs, the ideal format for PC-based video editing.

          I don't know why you're not getting audio. It may have to do with how the audio is set up in your camcorder or it may be an outdated audio driver on your computer or it could be that you need to go into Premiere Elements Edit/Preferences/Audio Hardware and click the ASIO button to confirm your correct audio settings.
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            Okay, thanks for the response.

            The Direct Sound Output Port shows "Realtek High Def. Audio"

            The Direct Sound Input Port shows "AverMedia M791 PCle Com"

            The settings are the same in these columns:
            Buffer Size - 2048
            Offset -0-
            Audio Channels - 2
            Bits per Sample - 16

            Sync Reference on Output shows "No"
            Sync Reference on Input shows "Yes"

            The camcorder is a JVC GR-D27OU, miniDV. There are approx. 35 min of recording and it took 35 min to tranfer the video. I thought firewire was faster.
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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
              That's called real-time capture, Randy. It's how it's supposed to work! ;)

              As for your ASIO settings, only you can tell if they're correct or not. They look right to me, but they should match your system's audio settings. For instance, you want to make sure that your ASIO settings in Premiere Elements are going out to the jack your speakers are plugged into -- otherwise... well, you know.

              BTW, you may want to check the video you've already captured. Open a clip in Windows Media Player or Windows MovieMaker. If the captured video plays audio there, you'll know it's an audio hardware setting in Premiere Elements. If not, you'll know there's a problem with the captured video itself -- maybe an audio setting in your camcorder, for instance.

              And make sure you've got the latest version of Quicktime and the latest RealTek drivers!
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