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    PE7 Saved video picture quality poor/low RGB

      Hi All,
      I have installed PE7 trial version. I have pulled some DV clips into the time line along with some still pictures. If I preview a video clip or picture in the preview screen the quality/brightness of the video/picture is correct.

      I if place the video clips and stills into the time line and then preview the project in the preview window all is OK including sound.

      If I now save the project and output it to either DVI or Mpeg then view the finished project in say Real Player or Windows Media Player the picture quality is very poor/low.

      To explain. As an ex broadcast engineer in the days of analog, if I were looking at such a movie my first thoughts would be that the video signal level was to low ie. below 1 volt peak to peak.

      In other words editing in PE7 all is OK, however the finished product is not, the picture is very dark. Sound OK

      Windows XP service pack 3
      Pentium P4 3.20Ghz
      Nvidia GeForce FX 5500
      All drivers etc are upto date.

      Hope you can help.

      Thanks.... Terry
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          Well, a lot depends on what settings you're outputting you DVI or MPEG to, Terry, and what type of player you're looking at them on.

          How are you exporting to DVI?

          As for MPEG, as you using the full DV MPEG option under Share/Personal computer?

          And you say that you've begun with DV clips. Just to confirm, are these DV clips from a miniDV camcorder, captured over FireWire by Premiere Elements and, when you place them on your timeline, do they display with no red or green lines above them on the timeline?
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            Hi Terry,
            Since Premiere Elements works the best with DV-AVI, Importing DV-AVI, editing them and Exporting to DV-AVI should be lossless. You should not see any quality loss.

            Even Exporting to MPEG should not create a lot of difference, however you may see some saturation loss.

            Some inputs from your end, as asked by Grisetti would really help in finding the cause of this.