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    Transcoding error when trying to burn dvd

      Hi, I created a slide show in pse7 and sent it to pe7 to burn a dvd. I keep getting transcoding error. Could you please help?
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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
          If you'll work your way through the troubleshooting FAQ at the top of this forum and post your results for each step in as much detail as possible, we'll be better able to diagnose the problem and offer solutions.
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            Did you try rendering the slideshow sent from PSE to PRE. Also what is the resolution of your images??
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              Barb__O Level 4

              Is this your first expereince using the workflow of Photoshop and Premiere Elements to make a slide show? If yes, I realize that Premiere Elements can be confusing at first (been there: been thru that) so I am trying to keep my instructions as straight forward as possible.

              I numbered my specific questions so you can respond by number :

              1-- for the
              b resolution of the images
              that Allen requested : if they came from a digital camera, it may be simplest to post how many megapixels in the photos that your camera takes ?
              2-- aproximately
              b how many photos
              are in this slide show ?
              3-- what is the
              b duration of the slide show
              as shown by the Photoshop Elements slide show editor? (the duration is found to the left of the controls for playing the Preview within the slide show editor)
              4-- from the PSE slide show editor Output command, did you choose
              b "Burn to Disc - DVD"
              or did you choose
              b "Send to Premiere Elements"?

              Do you know how to do the "render your slideshow" that Allen suggested?

              Across the bottom of the Premiere Elements window, you should see either a Timeline or a Sceneline.
              -- Within that area, Click on the word "Timeline" that is in the upper left of that specific panel/section of the screen. This will put you in the Timeline view.
              --Click (left click) on the clip that you see in the Timeline and then next hit the Enter key.
              -- As the clip is being rendered, you will see a popup showing progress and a line above the clip that was red will start turning green. If rendering completes successfully, that entire line will become green.
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                Letmethink Level 1

                Looks like some image or frame has some junk/garbage.

                Isolate isse:

                - Render timeline: if render fail, check on which frame fail

                - Share to MPEG

                - Burn to folder

                - Burn DVD with small portion of timeline


                This way you will get issue and then remove that part of clip/timeline.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  One thing that can bring a Transcode to its knees is a gap in the Video Timeline.


                  While you are working through Steve's and BarbO's suggestions and workflow, check carefully that all of your Assets (I assume still images in your case) are all touching each other, with no gaps.


                  Also, check that your still images are not much larger than your Project's Preset Frame Size. Overly large images can also cause Transcode problems. The quality of the viewed images will also be better if you do any re-sizing outside of PE. The re-sizing algorithms in PSE are superior to those in PE (at least those in PS are better, and I assume that PSE uses the same ones as its "big brother).


                  Good luck,