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    Will Premiere Elements do what I want?

      I currently use Pictures to Exe to make slide shows and am satisfied with what I get to run on a PC. But now I would like to make some DVDs to share with family. There is an option to purchase a VideoBuilder that runs with P2E but Since I will have to buy that, I started looking at other options.
      I currently have Photoshop Elements also. I do not have a video recorder except what my digital camera provides (Panasonic FZ-28). I do not expect to buy a video recorder

      So this is what I need:

      Make a DVD of my still pictures with added audio and some (many) great transition effects.

      Add some video from my still camera (see above) to improve the show.

      Have the capability to show a menu on the DVD so that the viewer can select from several shows.

      Well? can I do what I want with Premiere

      Thanks for your help
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          Barb__O Level 4

          Yes you can do what you want with Premiere Elements - but I have noticed that there are people who are very knowledgeable in Photoshop Elemnts who like ProShow Gold for making their slide shows. My understanding it can make both exe (run on a PC slideshows) and DVDs playable on a TV.

          For your evaluation between ProShow Gold (by Photodex) versus adding Premiere Elements to your Photoshop Elements, I suspect that "Add some video from my still camera (see above) to improve the show" may be significant - how much video do you have, what format is that video, how much will you edit the video and what other software do you have that can do trimming and simple edits of your video files?

          My suggestion is that
          -- you go to http://muvipix.com/phpBB3/ and sign up for its free forums. Within those forums, there is a forum titled "ProShow series software"
          -- include in your post as much information as you know about the format of the movie files from your camera. Identify the resolution that you choose for movie recording and what other software you might use for editing the movie/video.