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    SCORM does not Close

    retro74 Level 1
      Being a user of Adobe Presenter and Captivate, I am trying to get Presenter to end and close at the end of a SCORM session. My project is just a software demo site, but it still needs some basic features that need to work a certain way.

      I am using Moodle as my LMS and my compiled Presenter is in SCORM 1.2, but it just ends and stays up on the screen. In Captivate, I have a close option, but in Presenter the options are basically to continue to next slide, jump to a slide or load a page.

      Any tricks to add to the default htm / XML files or other code tricks to get the SCORM package to close so that the Moodle SCORM module gets the correct info to keep going?

      Joe C.