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    Sprite Animation


      I've seen an animation effect that gives Sprites the appearance of expanding and contracting, or springing up and down. I'd like to create this effect in Director MX 2004 for a class assignment. I would be most grateful if anyone has seen a Director tutorial or can shed some insight on how to animate a Sprite like the Skier or I Found It sign in the online advertisement for Stowe mountain by KSV. The 'springy' effect can be seen in the way the "skier" Sprite and the "I found it" sign caption moves.


      So far I've received suggestions to use a film loop for the animated part described above. Dean Utian kindly provided me a Director tutorial on using a film loops for an animated button:

      Thanks in advance for your help,

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          Not a tutorial, but an open source example to tween a sprite can be found at:
          http://www.farbflash.de/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi/Dokumente/Director/Snippets/Spritetweening.htm l

          There is a link to a Shockwave demo.
          I named the menu items after the handler names, so if you choose "mScale" from the "Animate Sprite" menu and choose "mEaseOutBounce" you find a similar effect.

          You can just drag the behavior on your sprite and call the mScale method with a parameter of #mEaseOutBounce for the animationtype and an animation duration. Please refer to the comments in the scripts for explanations.
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            The mEaseOutBounce animation is very similar to the animation I was looking for. I could use a little help getting this implemented. Let me see if I understand the steps. I downloaded the zip file and opened it. I found the behavior and opened the script window and found your instructions (very extensive). Now, if I understand your instructions all I need to do is drag the behavior on my sprite. For practice I created a red ball. I want to see if I can get the red ball to behave like the mEaseOutBounce animation. I'd like to imitate this animation when:

            - the movie starts and the ball first appears
            - when the user does a mouseover

            How would I do this?