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    I have the first post!

      This isn't really a tip or trick, but I wanted to have the first post! I'll think of a trick later.

      I did this "internet TV show", called "Kitchen Appliances of Yesteryear", show last night as a goof, but people thought I was serious. I'm going to do another episode with either a fondu pot or a macaroni machine next I think.

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          Good one. I remember Esskay hotdogs very well, having grown up in Maryland. Actually I had an uncle who worked at Esskay for 49 years, the only job he ever had.

          The hotdoags always tasted better at the ballpark, than they ever did at home, maybe that cooker would have made all the difference. Nowadays I prefer Oscar Mayer, no Esskay in Arizona.

          There was another cooker out years ago that had metal spikes on each end that you put the hotdogs on. You could cook about 6 at a time. I can't recall the name or mfr. though.
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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional
            Hey, Ed! Is that you?

            Good fun. (Though I can't imagine taking 3-5 minutes to cook one hot dog.) I'm looking forward to more in the series!

            (I know in 20 years we'll all be laughing about that machine that poaches an egg, heats the Canadian bacon and toasts a muffin all at the same time -- but, for now, it seems pretty cool...)
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              Yeah that's me! Just goofing around with my son last night. It's worth the 3-5 minutes Steve, trust me.

              rhawkins, where about in Maryland did you grow up? They don't make the hotdogs the same as they used to at the ballpark, but they're still good. This thing was pretty much for a college dormroom. this, a hotplate, and a water heater we're just about all you needed back then :)
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                I grew up in Dundalk and moved to Ellicott City area after I got married. Lived there for about 20 years and am now in Mesa, Arizona. Don't miss the snow and cold weather a bit.
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                  I bet you don't, we had 2 ice storms last week.

                  Ellicott City is a cool place. They've really fixed up the downtown area nice over the past 10 years or so.