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    Using Clipmate to copy and paste between projects

    PeterFDuke Level 1
      Thanks to Robert Johnston for the inspiration (and perspiration) for this method for copying and pasting between PE projects. One residual side effect of the method is that the audio and video of the copied clips will be unlinked. The renaming folders business is a workaround to avoid the silent audio problem after a project has been saved and reloaded.

      1. Rename the folders of all audio files (including AVI files) used in the project to be copied.
      2. Start PE and load in the project to be copied.
      3. When asked, tell PE where the missing files are. (Check the box marked "Display Only Exact Name Matches".) Press Select.
      4. Highlight parts (or all) of the project to be copied, in the timeline.
      5. Copy the highlighted parts.
      6. Copy into Clipmate:
      6.1 Edit > Capture Special
      6.2 Check both items in the list
      6.3 OK
      7. Close PE without saving.
      8. Rename the folders of the audio files back again.
      9. Open destination project in PE.
      10. Re-select the copied info in Clipmate (closing the project in PE caused the clipboard to be cleared):
      10.1 Select anything in the Clipmate list except the wanted item.
      10.2 Select the wanted item (selecting an item loads it onto the clipboard).
      11. Position the CTI to the wanted insertion point.
      12. Do Edit > Paste Insert.
      13. The pasted items will be highlighted in Media Panel. While still highlighted, select the Media Panel and do: Edit > Locate Media.
      14. Tell PE where the files are.
      15. Save project.