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    Export to DVD problem - another possible fix.

    Robert J. Johnston Level 3
      If you have or had Roxio installed, and then uninstalled it or uninstalled Drag-to-Disc, there are two DLL files that may not have been uninstalled.


      Those belong to the Drag-To-Disc feature. My theory is that Premiere Elements looks for those files, and apparently it then does something that sometimes causes an error if it finds them, even if you have uninstalled Drag-to-Disc.

      If you have the Drag-To_Disc feature installed, first uninstall it through Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel. Then look for those two DLL files in the System32 directory. You will need to adjust the Explorer Folder Options so that you can see "protected operating system files and "show hidden files and folder."

      Drag those two files to your desktop.
      Reboot your computer.
      Start Premiere Elements 3.0. Try exporting to disc or folder like that for a while and see how it goes.


      The other "Drag-to-disc" files that shouldn't be on your computer are

      Those should have been uninstalled the regular way when you uninstalled Drag-to-Disk or DLA using Add/Remove Programs.