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    When Other Realtek Driver Packages Fail...

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      There have been a number of posts, where problems with APE have been solved
      by reloading the REALTEK audio interface drivers.

      When Other Realtek Driver Packages Fail...

      try this one:



      http://downloadcenter.intel.com/download.aspx?url=/11597/eng/UAA.zip&DwnldId=11597&lang=en g

      This is actually a composite of a number of fixes and updates from both
      Realtek and Microsoft. It is especially useful when other driver packages,
      including the current High Definition Driver package from Realtek's site,
      fail to load properly.

      Errors addressed include red and yellow error flags on the high definition
      audio driver entry in XP's device manager, and a PCI device that won't load
      a driver because an appropriate driver can't seem to be found.

      I ran into these problems when trying to upgrade an existing
      fully-configured XP system to a new motherboard. The audio driver provided
      by the motherboard vendor wouldn't load, and neither would the
      latest-greatest one from Realtek's site.

      As always, if your system is working OK right now, don't try to fix it!