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    Titles and Justification

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      A few days ago I posted a query about creating titles that had a character role on the left, and the actor's name on the right, with the name on the right being justified.

      I had given up, but while digging in the manual for something else I found that it was possible. The way this works is:

      Create the first entry you want by typing the name (so you have text in the text control). Then select the "Tab Stops" option (right click or select the "Title" menu). Click the third tabstop "type" button (at the top of the dialog, there are three buttons, left, center and right justified ...). Then click on the ruler where you want it to go. For example, if you try 500 (which is what I used), this will right justify text tabbed to that spot -- at 500 pixels or whatever the unit of measure is. Click "OK".

      Finish entering the character's name. Then click the tab key. Note the cursor jumps to the right. Type the actor's name. Note that the text shifts to the left -- the last character is at the top position -- PERFECT.

      Now use the centering option to center the text object/box horizontally. You may wish to move the box a bit right, but you're set.

      To enter the next character/name, place the cursor on the right of the previous actor's name and press the Enter key. Type the next character, press tab, type the actor's name. Repeat until done.

      I was pleasantly surprised at how well that worked.
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          Was that in PRel 2c or 3?

          I used that facility (possibly in the 20 second item that was the ONLY thing I ever got out of PRel-1) or maybe it was PRel-2.

          I have never been able to find it in PRel-3. Did "they" take it away from us or is it just better hidden than before?
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            b In PE3, you can use the tab function on the keyboard for titles.

            To get it to right and left align: Type something with left alignment, then click tab X number of times, hold down the control key (the bounding box will appear just as with the selection tool) and click the right alignment. Now set the cursor and type on the right side and it will be right aligned, and then previous text will remain left aligned.
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              This was in PE 2. It was the only way I could see to do it.
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                > This was in PE 2.

                Thanks. It seems to have been completely removed ($@#$&%#@*&%^$) from PRel-3.

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                  > It seems to have been completely removed ($@#$&%#@*&%^$) from PRel-3.

                  OOOH. Glad I haven't upgraded, then. Sounds like something to request they put back in for 4.
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                    Interesting find, Ken Mayer. It is not immediately clear if you can have more than one tab stop. The ruler that pops up shows three available. Also this:

                    >To view tab stops -- Choose Title > View > Tab Markers. A check mark next to Tab Markers indicates that displaying tab stops is
                    enabled. The yellow tab markers display for each text box you select.

                    Do you see any yellow tab markers? I don't. -- Ken Jarstad
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                      I believe you can have multiple tab stops. I made the mistake of setting one on the left for the first text control I was working on, and to get something on the right with no other text on the left I had to hit tab twice, once for the first and once for the one on the right.

                      > Do you see any yellow tab markers?

                      Interesting. I hadn't noticed this option. I just checked it and the yellow tab markers do display, at least the one on the left does ... it's a very light color, so may be hard to see. With the one on the right on my control, since the right justified tab is on the far right, the white border for the control displays over the yellow marker. I moved the right side a bit (made it larger) and could then see the yellow tabstop marker. I would say it works fine.
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                        I was looking for a way to insert a text file containing timed subtitles to an APel 3.0 project, to put on long videos, instead of using the software's "Title" function. Is there such a file format that can work with APel 3.0?

                        Thank you,
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                          You probably want to post this in the regular forum. I don't know -- I don't have PE 3, just version 2, and am not sure where you would be getting the timed subtitles from. If it's something that was produced as an .AVI file, I imagine you could just put it in the timeline where you need it to go.
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                            Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                            Did you see this post? Robert J. Johnston, "PE 2/Titles&Credits -- Dot Leader?" #6, 27 Feb 2007 12:58 pm

                            There is a text field you can copy from one of the ballon title templates that will right-justify the text on the left, and left-justify the text on the right.
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                              As it turns out, you can create a multitude of tab stops! It takes a little while to fugure out how it works but it does. I was able to create what is shown in the balloon templates - actually several of them across the horizontal line. Just don't screw up or you will have to start all over again. I could find no way to correct mistakes without backtracking completely to where the mistake was made. Does anyone want some pointers on the version 2 titler?? :o
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                                Okay... I'm either lost, or dense, or both. I'm in PE3 and see nothing about tabs . . . nothin in the title menu, nothing in "View" . . . I entered "tab" int the help screen and it did come up help for tabs, but that presumes I can get to this. I highlight text but still cannot see any "View Tabs" under the title menu. Any ideas?

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                                  Yep, Set Tabs disappeared (or is VERY well hidden) in PRel-3. This is just one of the things that "they" completely screwed up in the "new and improved", I mean dumbed down, titler.

                                  What other things did they steal from us in the titler?

                                  *The ability to turn off underlying tracks when editing in the titler, so it is all but impossible to see what you are doing;

                                  *More difficult (but at least you can do it) to put in true "paragraph" text.

                                  *The ability to change monitor magnification when working on titles.

                                  *The ability to name titles (title01 title 01 title 01 as names is totally useless for navigation. Note that if you put more than one title in in a single session of PRel-3 it is at least gracious enough to call the second one Title02. Wow!!!)

                                  *The ability to EASILY put an inline (i.e between clips) title down. Another case where it can be done but it is a PITA to do.

                                  *Left over problem from earlier releases that they did NOT take away: editing a paragraph style text (especially lengthy scrolling ones) with centre alignment completely screws up all lines until you "jiggle" the handle, oops, I mean jiggle the bounding box just so.

                                  O well, at least it no longer crashes when you forget to close the colour picker.

                                  Wins 1, ties 1, losses 6. Almost as bad as the current Edmonton Oilers.
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                                    I am posting an update on this thread for the benefit of PE4 users who want right-justified character names next to left-justified actor names. You can do this (the hard way) by inserting two text boxes side by side with the same font and point sizes. Right-justify the text in the left box and left-justify the text in the right box. Painstakingly type character names in the left box and make sure everything lines up horizontally with actor names in the right box.

                                    It would have been much easier if they had kept the tab feature, but this will get the job done.
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                                      Robert J. Johnston Level 3
                                      You'll find that the two text boxes can have different fonts and text sizes. In order to match the lines up, you have to adjust the "Leading" value for the text box with the smaller font.
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                                        As an adjunct to this, since Premiere Elements (nor Pro), comes with a Grid, or Guidelines, one can make these in the Titler, or in Photoshop with the Line Tool. I'd choose PS, because of easier spacing of your lines and also the ability to magnify the image (why Titler in either Premiere doesn't have this, is beyond me). This can be placed one Video Track below the Title, to give you alignment tools, and then removed, before you output your Project (unless you WANT those guides).

                                        Note: The Tabs were still in P-Pro2. Do not know if they were deep-sixed in CS3. One nice feature for the above, in Pro, is that one can turn off any VT that they wish, and in Titler, can choose to show the underlying video. Not sure that these can be done in PE.