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    Flip Video- Possible solution to importing in Premier Elements

      After spending an entire day trying to figure out how to import Flip Video files, I think I have come up with a possible solution. This solution involves using Windows Movie Maker to convert the file so that it can be used in Premier Elements. Since Movie Maker is free and available on most computers this should be a possible solution for most people. I read on one site to uninstall Internet Explorer 7, but I would encourage you to try this solution first since that did not work for me.

      The Flip video uses mpeg4 files which it calls .avi, but apparently there are lots of different avi files. I read to think of it as a container that says avi on the outside, but inside it can be many different kinds of files, in this case mpeg4. A lot of programs do not like the mpeg4 files. One solution seems to be to use Windows Movie Maker (not media player) to convert the files to DV-AVI format so that other programs such as Premier Elements can recognize them, however if you just try to import the video without making a simple change to the program, MM might crash depending on the codecs installed on your computer. Here is how to get the file into MM so you can convert it:

      1)First connect your Flip video camera to your computer and download their software. Save your videos to your hard drive following their instructions.

      2)Open Windows Movie Maker (MM)

      3)Choose Import video from file. Now here is where everything went wrong for me and I thought my MM program was corrupted. When I would import the video file, Movie Maker would crash and ask me to send a report to Microsoft and then it would shut down. If this happens, restart MM and before you import video, go to Tools, Options, Compatibility and uncheck all the video filters (it seems to bring in the ones it really needs) and then try to import your file. It may take some trial and error to figure out which of these the program really needs and which are making it crash. If you want a better explanation, go to microsoft.com and search for Movie Maker video filters and there is a good paper on it. By unchecking the filters it is supposed to only prevent them from working in MM and not in all your other programs. If you have removed the right filters, your video will import as it should. You can then drag it to the storyline at the bottom of the screen. If it gives you some other error message, try adding one of the filters back by checking it until the program works. One time I got an error message and another time I tried to recreate the problem, but it worked fine with none of the filters checked.

      3)Edit your movie if you want. I didn't try this step because I want to do all my editing in Premier Elements.

      4)Under Finish movie click Save to my computer.

      5)Choose where to save and click next.

      6)Under Best Quality for Playback- click SHOW MORE CHOICES.

      7)Choose OTHER SETTINGS. From drop down menu choose DV-AVI (NTSC). Click next and it will save it to the file you chose in step 5. Now you have an AVI file that Premier Elements will recognize.

      I hope this will help someone else.