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    Request about cube effect

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      E mann asked me to explain the cube effect I did:
      I used PE3.

      The cube:
      Bring 3 clips into the timeline, each on a separate track.In properties reduce the scale of each one and move them so they are all visible. I found a picture of a cube that I like on the net, copied and brought it into the project as a guide, on a track beneath all the video clips. (Keeping the cube large makes it easier to align the clips)

      Take one of the video clips, rotate and drag it to align with a corner of one section of the cube. Apply the corner pin filter to the clip. In the properties window highlight Corner Pin and the handles will appear around the clip. Now just drag each handle until the clip fits the section of the cube. Do this with all 3 clips. If you want a title on the cube, add it.

      When you are done, delete the cube photo. Then export the movie.

      For the tumbling:
      Bring the cube movie you just saved into a new project. Now you can scale down the size of the video cube to whatever suits you. Move the cube to a corner to start. Toggle motion animation on, that's your 1st key frame. Then move the the video ahead X number of frames and drag the frame to a new location and set a new keyframe. Keep doing this till you have the paths complete.

      Once you have the path right, set the rotation as you want it for each key frame. Start at the 2nd key frame and type in the amount of rotation you want between key frame 1 & 2. (Note: minus values rotate counter clockwise) If you want it to rotate more than a full turn put in some like -600, when you hit enter it will show as -1X-240.0 which equals 1 full turn counter clockwise plus 240 degrees. (-2X would be 2 full rotations and so on) Fine tune the rotation manually to get it where you want it. Do this at each key frame.

      When you're done, export this too. All done. Hope I was clear.