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    yui treeview for adobe air

    gauravgr8 Level 1

      I am using yui library. In that I need to use YUI TreeView. As it says that it supports Adobe AIR, so i am trying TreeView of it. The tree is coming well, but I when i click on any node it is not firing event(i.e. expand, collapse, selected). While when i look the html page in browser its working fine, but it is not working in AIR app(HTML & JavaScript). If you will see there are links expand all / collapse all, these are working fine. But clicking on node is creating a problem.
      Link to the screen shot:
      http://forums.krugle.org/servlet/JiveServlet/download/20-603-1136-31/yui%20library%20examp les-%20treeview%20control-%20folder-style%20treeview%20design_1219933268726.png

      Pls help me out ASAP.

      Thanks in advance.