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    Mac 10.5, Linux and FTP

    Adam Blake

      I hope that this is an easy one... It's doing my head in!

      I have a Mac 10.5 which I am running Flex 3 on. I have a ColdFusion server ( running on Linux with Lifecycle running as well. I can connect to from Mac through FTP in the finder but it is a read-only connection. When I try to connect the root folder "/Volumes/" in Flex I get an error that it is an invalid root as the config files must be in that folder (which they are). I have connected an FTP link through Cyberduck successfully as a read/write connection but I don't have a mapping from the finder or available for the root folder in Flex.

      In Dreamweaver I can successfully create a site through the Dreamweaver site builder with FTP connect to where I can get and put files. However when I try to select the (mapped) server that is connected through the MAC finder FTP (read-only connection) in Dreamweaver it can not connect and throws an exception that the server is not available.

      I can't seem to work out how to crate a site in Flex 3 like I can in Dreamweaver, however I can connect to the RDS Fileveiw and RDS Dataview on without issue.

      Every documentation I have been looking up assumes that you have either a windows local or mapped version of the server or a Mac local version... So I can't for the life of me find any help with MAC and Linux remote server...

      I hope that all makes sense, if not please let me know.