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    Memory leak in external interface SetReturnValue?

      I'm having trouble with a memory leak in my application. I'm hoping someone out there can help me find a fix or workaround, or tell me what I'm doing wrong.

      The leak seems to be coming from the flash external interface; specifically, IShockwaveFlash.SetReturnValue(String). My application is written in Visual Basic 2008, connecting to Flash (activex version).

      I've written a fairly simple flash/VB program pair to illustrate the problem.

      The SWF contains a button, 2 dynamic text fields, and the ActionScript 2 code below.

      The VB project contains a Form with a AxShockwaveFlash object and the VB code below.

      When this program is run, and the button is clicked a lot (10's of thousands of times), the application's memory creeps up and never seems to fall back down. If the string passed to SetReturnValue is longer, memory is consumed faster. But if the call to SetReturnValue is commented-out, the application's memory usage remains stable.

      If anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed, I'd be grateful.

      (By the way: I'm using a freeware program called DoItAgain to automate the button pressing.)