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    Basic Font Size Question

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      Dear All,

      I want to change the text size of a dynamic text box on a movie on the main
      timeline. The Movie is called InfoLabel and the TextBox is InfoLabel as

      When I run the function below it alters the text to the string value but not
      the font size. Can someone advise me what I am missing? The values for the 2
      variables are set elsewhere and this code is on the second frame and the
      movie in frame 10.

      (_root.LoadInfoMessage is called on Frame 10)

      var InfoText;
      var InfoFontSize;

      function LoadInfoMessage(){
      myTextFormat = new TextFormat();
      myTextFormat.size = 155; // or it was originally: myTextFormat.size =
      myTextFormat.multiline = true;

      Thanks again for any help provided.

      Alastair MacFarlane