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    Invalid plugin detected

      I just installed Adobe Reader 8. When i run reader i get this error: "Invalid plugin detected. Adobe Reader will quit"
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          I am getting the same error after installing 8.1. 8.0 worked fine.
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            Try doing the following:
            1. Uninstall Adobe Reader thru the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs.
            2. Delete the Adobe directory in the Program Files directory.
            3. Restart your computer.
            4. Download and reinstall Adobe Reader.
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              This error means that a bogus plugin has been put into Program Files. Plugins may be added by third-party apps (or maybe trojans or virii??).

              Try holding down the left-shift key right after launching Reader. This disables plugins. If the error goes away, figure about which plugin is vexing you.

              The plug-ins folder is Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Reader\Plug_ins

              In my case after a clean install of Reader 8.1.0 a plugin called AI2Z_PDFAHOI.api was being added by something. I could not find any info on google. I found the plugin by looking at plugin creation dates (not modification) and noticed it had been created after the time of Reader installation. I removed it and made a folder with the same name to prevent it from being put back; plugin folders already existed so I figured another one won't hurt. That worked to quell the error.

              Here's the KB on troubleshooting reader
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                Thanks. I had a problem with Adobe Updater after I installed 8.0. It would launch every Monday and hog the CPU. So I renamed it. I thought that may have been the problem so I followed my own advice above and that solved the problem. But the Adobe Updater problem returned so I found another PDF reader. Everything has been fine since then.
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                  I tried all of the above suggestions. It worked after uninstalling all previous version and the 8.0 / 8.1 versions. Uninstall was done via Add/Remove Programs from the control panel. After that, rebooted then, removed the subdirectories under Program Files. Then, re-instilled from the 8.1 download, and it worked. However, I'm starting to get the same error again. This is a serious issue because now, I can no longer read PDF files and I'm sure there are mahy others who will encounter the same. I use assistive technology (ZoomText 9.1) and was hoping to use Adobe Reader 8.1 to gain some of the benefits for assistive technologies.
                  This needs to be addressed ASAP.
                  Thank you.
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                    It so happens that Zoomtext is being used on the system that was giving me trouble and I suspected it was the problem but did not investigate. Based on the mention of zoomtext here, I think the problem is that Zoomtext's plugin is incompatible with Reader 8. I am not going to get to the bottom of the problem, but if anyone wants to do so, it seems that talking to the Zoomtext creators is the next order of business for a resolution.
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                      Yes, there is a plugin from Ai Squared called AI2Z_PDFAHOI.api from the ZoomText product. I have contacted AI Squared and they are working the issue. They did help me address this problem however, we had to do some diagnostics and the workaround is a bit complex. The are emailing me a set of procedures that I can post once I get them. Most likely, they will soon post a workaround and/or fix as they are starting to get a lot of calls on this issue.
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                        I too have had the same result as smallstakes, and i too use zoomtext 9.

                        I followed smallstakes advice and deleted the AI2Z_PDFAHOI.api file and created a folder of the same name. Now Reader 8.1 runs as expected.
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                          To all that have this problem
                          follow what smallstakes wrote on june 11 and you will be fixed.
                          thank you smallstakes saved me alot of time in trying to figure it out myself. Can get back to work now. thanks again.
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                            I cant get to uninstall the program ! It gives the same message. I have Avast instaled and each time adobe reader opens, the real time sheild gices a small message about adobe cryptocel and then the pop up about invalid plug ins !

                            Please suggest !
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                              I followed smallstakes direction and it worked great--thanks! I am not sure this is a ZoomText issue, I use both 8.1 (home) and 9.1 (work) and have never encountered this problem before. For me the issue began when I upgraded Reader 8.0, per Adboe's prompt, then began having the problem. When launching Reader I received the "plug-in message" but also received the following message: The instruction at"Ox2d830cbc" referenced memory at "0x00000008". The memory could not be "read".
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                                I've got the same message as RobertJJohnston. I also think that the issue began when I upgraded Reader 8.0. But I can't find the invalid plug in.
                                Please suggest!
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                                  I'm glad that it's not just my computer having the issues mentioned by RobertJJohnston and Neosonic. I get the plugin message, the missing instruction message -- and I use zoomtext 9.0. This is so odd, because Adobe Reader 8.0 and 8.1 worked fine for 6 months, then suddenly stopped.

                                  I share information with a group where some of us have PC's and some have Macs. .PDF is the best way for us to share files, and I'm the only one who can't open them.

                                  If I could go back to Reader 7, I would.
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                                    Hi there everyone,

                                    This issue is with Zoomtext and Adobe. Here is the solution. For those of you using Zoomtext, you may need help as this must be done with Zoomtext off.

                                    1. Click the Start button then click the Search button.
                                    2. In the Search field, copy/type the AI2Z_PDFAHOI.api and click Search.
                                    3. Give it sometime but then it should come up with two copies of this file.
                                    4. Delete the one that is in Adobe.
                                    5. Start Adobe Reader without Zoomtext on and without opening a document.
                                    6. Go to Edit, select Preferences.
                                    7. Under catergories, select General.
                                    8. To the right, near the bottom will be, Application Startup, check mark the box that says Use only certified plugins.
                                    9. Click Ok.
                                    10. Close Adobe Reader.
                                    11. Re-open and open a document for a test then close Adobe Reader.
                                    12. Open Zoomtext and then open Adobe Reader and then a document.
                                    13. Adobe will first have a message about analyzing the document for your reading preferences. Choose your preference and check mark the Remember settings.
                                    14. Click Ok. You should be ready to go.
                                    Shelley :)
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                                      Thanks Shelley!
                                      Problem solved.

                                      I read above that some people are using ZoonText 9.1.
                                      I use ZoomText 9.0, but it states there are no updates whe I let it check for them.
                                      Does anyone else has this problem?

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                                        My problem was the "zITClnt.api" in the plug_ins folder. It's for
                                        "Adobe(R) PDF JobReady(TM) Client Decryptor Plug-In".

                                        Hmmm their own product causing a problem.
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                                          Curtis Compton How did you solve you "zitclnt.api" plug in problem?
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                                            What steps did you use to solve your problem?
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                                              i did a 'repair adobe installation' via help and this sorted the problem.
                                              whats with all the complexity on this forum?
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                                                ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                >did a 'repair adobe installation' via help and this sorted the problem. whats with all the complexity on this forum?

                                                If you've bothered to read the rest of the thread you'd realize that it's not a "One answer fits all".

                                                With few exceptions, it seldom is.
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                                                  Thanks...your advice worked.

                                                  Although I could not find file AI2Z_PDFAHOI.api, or any reference to Zoomtext, I DID check the box to Use Only Certified Plug-ins, and that corrected the problem. The 'Invalid Plug-in' message no longer appears...Since I couldn't find AI2Z_PDFAHOI.api maybe it was a different plug-in that was causing the problem.

                                                  BTW holding down the left shift key when opening Adobe Reader also eliminated the Invalid Plug-in message but that was more of a temporary solution....at least so far!!!
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                                                    I compared the faulty installation with a clear one (v.8.1.2), and the only difference in the plugins directory, was a folder called "BAK". It was containing ~40Mb of plugins (from a previous version I supposed). So once you delete it, it'll works again!

                                                    Hope it'll help some people. Have a nice day.
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                                                      Had the same problems with the 'invalid plugin' message and Adobe shutting itself down. Also had an error message about 0x03430cbc etc. I don't have ZoomRead or the other various plugin or files listed above. Tried uninstalling, removing plugins etc. Here is what worked for me, quite simple:

                                                      Add/Remove Programs, Remove Adobe Reader.
                                                      My Computer, Program Files. Delete the Adobe folder.

                                                      No problems so far after that. I'm thinking there was some overlap between the folders not removed upon uninstall and the new install folders. Who knows, just happy this worked, my world revolves around reading and printing PDF's. Unfortunately.

                                                      Hope this helps!
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                                                        It may sound unorthadox,but it works. First, go into your Adobe folder in Program Files. Then go into Reader 8.0, reader. Now, a folder called plug-ins should appear. Permanently delete it. Now fire up Adobe Reader 8 (it should work), click help, select repair installation. You now have your plgins back, and Adobe Reader 8 works :)
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                                                          I use Zoom Text as well and I am experiencing the same problems with adove 8.0. Were u able to overcome this?
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                                                            Smallstakes - your suggestion worked for me too - I deleted Al2Z_PDFAHOI.api in the Plug-ins subdirectory and created a similar file-name to prevent it from coming back. So far so good. Thanks for the good advice! Carin
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                                                              I tried several of these tips. Can't seem to get it to work properly. I am not a computer savvy person, and with low vision I feellike I may be missing something with all the scrolling. Would someone be willing to call me or I can call them to help walk me through some of these steps? If so, I will work around what's convient for you. Let me know. Thanks
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                                                                Thanks for your tip - it is the one that worked for me.

                                                                Lou, did you try that suggestion? If not, try it:

                                                                1. Locate your Reader folder - it should be in a place such as C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader.

                                                                2. In the Reader folder, locate the "plug_ins" folder and either delete it or rename it (such as to "plug_insxxx").

                                                                3. Start Reader. It should start OK.

                                                                4. On the Help menu, select "Repair Adobe Reader Installation."

                                                                5. Once the repair is completed, check your Reader folder again. A new (good) "plug_ins" folder should be there.

                                                                6. If you renamed the original folder, you can now delete the renamed one.

                                                                Thx again, Kevacious. --GMc
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                                                                  Tried all the advice here
                                                                  Still keep getting the invalid plug in error
                                                                  Makes my computer unusable
                                                                  nothing opens after adobe crashes

                                                                  i dont have zoom text
                                                                  so it cant be that

                                                                  Any suggestions ?
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                                                                    Thank-you Gloria Mc! I've tried everything so I decided I had nothing to lose so I tried it exactly the way you outlined it and it now works just fine. I just wish I had found this forum weeks ago.
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                                                                        ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                        Your file associations are hosed.

                                                                        Search the help files for your particular OS for "file Associations" to learn how to change them back.

                                                                        And besides the bad associations, it appears your caps lock key is stuck as well.
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                                                                          Hey GRAFFITI, thanx for the help, but I havent been able to solve the problem, and i think i'm making it worst. every file that ends in .EXE has been affected and I can find an answer to the problem by searching. Do you know what file association goes with those .EXE files. thanx.
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                                                                            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                            Sounds like you have an issue much worse than Reader.

                                                                            I'm mostly a Mac user so I won't be much help. Hopefully someone else that uses Windows will come along and give you a hand.

                                                                            In the meantime, I'd look around for a Windows support forum and try to find the answer. It's not really a Reader problem.
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                                                                              I am legally blind. I am trying to use Adobe Reader 8.1. Whenever I start the program, I get an error message: Invalid Plug-ins. Adobe reader will quit.

                                                                              How can I resolve this problem.

                                                                              I desperately need to use this for my research projects for school. Please tell me what I have to do to fix this problem.

                                                                              Thank You.

                                                                              Teresa Verlinghieri
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                                                                                To: Luka Andrewjak

                                                                                You have had thesame problem that I am currently experiencing. I am legally blind and need to use this program for my Lawand Ethics research project, and in the future, for medical transcription.

                                                                                Hoow did you resolve your problem? What does it mean when the adobe reader says: "Involid plug ins. Will quit?"

                                                                                Thank you.

                                                                                Teresa Verlinghieri
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                                                                                  ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                                                                  Have you tried the fix that Gloria MC posted in post #28?
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                                                                                    How can I get support for the Adobe Reader "invalid Plug in mesage from Tech support? I am a windows user. My name is Tersa Verlinghieri.

                                                                                    I need the Adobe for my PDF school projects.

                                                                                    Teresa Verlinghieri
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                                                                                      (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
                                                                                      >How can I get support for the Adobe Reader "invalid Plug in mesage from Tech support?

                                                                                      Don't think you can. This is a user to user forum. Maybe you will let
                                                                                      us help you.

                                                                                      Are the replies here already not correct for you? Please say if you
                                                                                      have tried any of them, and what happened.

                                                                                      Aandi Inston
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