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    error message 1317

      I've tried numerous times to install 8.1 on my new computer that has vista. I consistently get the message: 'error 1317 an error occured while attempting to create the directory'. I found directions on the website to fix this with xp and 2000 but not vista. I have tried it under administrator, tried adding older versions, tried everything I can think of, but I always get this message! Any ideas?! Thanks!
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          I'm getting EXACTLY the same. Please help.....!
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            Add me to this list as well. I've tried everything that I can think of ...

            running as administrator
            running as XP program.
            running install from different folders.
            turning off\on UAC

            This is most annoying since during the update it uninstalled the previously working version, so now I've got no way to view pdf files.

            Please help.
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              June, what have you tried? Please be specific.

              Aandi Inston
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                Having exactly same problem as others and have also tried everything I can think of. Please help.
                I also lost previous working version and no longer have facility to view pdf files.
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                  Have uninstalled all reference to Adobe Reader and tried installing 8.1.2. Have tried to change destination directory. Have run problem report and solutions but there seems to be no problem on computer. This is a new computer and I am not familiar with Vista yet but Reader was on initially but literally disapeared.
                  Can you suggest anything I could try.
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                    Ok, apparently error 1317 means that you don't have permission to
                    create a directory which Reader needs. Is any directory named in the
                    error message?

                    Aandi Inston
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                      Thanks for replying.
                      Message reads "An error occurred while attempting to create the directory
                      Hope this info helps is some way.
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                        This is a little strange because c:\program files\ is usually the one
                        used. Is that the exact file name used? with the two forward slashes?

                        You say you are changing the install directory. How are you doing

                        In any case, try to create a folder with the name in your error
                        message. Does it work?

                        Aandi Inston
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                          Thanks again for getting back.
                          Sorry about the two slashes, should have been one.
                          Like you, thought always went to Program files\ but it does say that at the beginning of download but still comes up with trying to create ProgramData.
                          I tried to find this folder and couldn't so tried to create it in C: drive and it said it existed and did I want to merge, I said yes. Then I enabled "view hidden folders" and found it. Thought I had the answer and tried to instal again but same message coming up.
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                            Ok, to recap.

                            You too would expect c:\program files, but it is for some reason
                            trying to use c:\programdata.

                            You have found the folder c:\programdata\adobe\acrobat, and this
                            folder exists - but this same folder is still mentioned in error

                            Is there anything else in c:\programdata?

                            Aandi Inston
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                              Aha, don't worry about c:\programdata. I know what it's for now. It's
                              the equivalent of c:\documents and settings\all users in earlier
                              versions of Windows. So using this is quite normal.

                              So let's focus on:
                              You have found the folder c:\programdata\adobe\acrobat, and this
                              folder exists - but this same folder is still mentioned in error

                              Aandi Inston
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                                Other things in programdata include Coral, Epson, Microsoft, Nero but most of them empty so tried to delete them and was told I do not have permission to access. I cannot open the Adobe file for this same reason so I am now trying to obtain permission.
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                                  Ok, this is the problem. DON'T try to delete those other things, they
                                  may be important and you may stop other software from working.

                                  It seems as if your login does not have enough permissions. If you
                                  can, try logging in as the administrator to do the installation. I
                                  notice that you said that Adobe Reader suddenly disappeared. It may be
                                  that something locked up various folders, making things not work
                                  properly. I would be worried what that was. Do you have up-to-date
                                  anti-virus software?

                                  Aandi Inston
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                                    Yes, installed Norton as soon as I got the computer.
                                    When you say log in as the Administrator, I am the only user and seem to be the Administator so am I assuming I have the permissions required. If not is there somewhere I should be asking for more per
                                    missions. Sorry if this sounds naive.
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                                      It seems clear that you DON'T have all of the permissions you need,
                                      otherwise you wouldn't be seeing his problem. One thing that can
                                      happen is that the administrator can even take away his or her own
                                      permissions to do things. (Rather like losing your own door keys).

                                      You could try fixing the security on this folder.
                                      This might help, with some adaptation for Vista differences.

                                      Aandi Inston
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                                        I don't think I saw an answer to this question:

                                        You have found the folder c:\programdata\adobe\acrobat, and this
                                        folder exists - but this same folder is still mentioned in error

                                        Is this correct, or not?

                                        Aandi Inston
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                                          THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR THE TIME AND EFFORT YOU HAVE SPENT ON ME.
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                                            I just encountered exactly the same issue. There's obviously a problem with the installer for this version on some Vista systems. The failed first install attempt broke the factory installation on a brand new Dell inspiron 1525, and I had to fight with Vista's security to get ownership of the C:\PROGRAMDATA\ADOBE\ACROBAT folder and existing subfolders. This is a completely different process to that referred to for earlier Windows versions and not something most end users would be capable of.

                                            The installation then ran fine without error.

                                            This looks like something that needs a fix very quickly.
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                                              Has anybody found a fix to this problem yet? There are several programs I can't install because of this.
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                                                I gave up and installed a freebie program called foxit (http://www.foxitsoftware.com). It may not do everything you need without paying for some upgrades, but it has been working just fine for me since I installed it last month.
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                                                  I am having the same problem as everyone else here. I have windows xp and my adobe reader disappeared and I can not re- install it. I got the 1317 error message. I also can not re install my quick time or I-tunes. I don't know how to resolve this, I need my adobe for work. If there is a way PLEASE let me know. I am going to try the security admin strategy from aandi.

                                                  J. Mosny
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                                                    I am having the same problem on a laptop with Vista. does anybody know an answer?
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                                                      Add another hapless victime of the Vista/Acrobat disfunction. Acrobat Reader never worked right out of the box on my Vista Home Premium system. When I try to reload Acrobat Reader I get an error 1317. When I try to uninstall the faulty program I get an error 1321 stating I don't have permission even though I'm the administrator on this, my home computer. Very frustrating that Microsoft won't allow me to control my own computer. Any fix for this that doesn't require supergeek intelligence?
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                                                        Given up trying to fix this. I have installed Foxit and it does what i need. Shame Microsoft or Adobe can't sort this one out.
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                                                          I am having just the same problem installing a CAD software on vista. I've tried everything. First it didn't want to create the folder in Program Files. Being an autodesk software and autocad being installed on the computer, the folder existed. I managed to give myself permission to that. Then it moved the error to ProgramData. And in Program Data you have no permission to access or modify anything to certain folders (Autodesk, Adobe etc). I really need this software working. I don't know what else to do. If anybody came up with a solution, please share!
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                                                            Finally!... I managed to solve the problem! Error 1317 is not given because you don't have permission (most of the time the only user of the PC is administrator as well in vista), is because you do not have ownership over the folder program data. I am no computer tech, but the ownership can/should be changed from properties/security. If you cannot find it there, try anywhere in the computer management window. Once you give ownership to your user, you wont have any problem anymore!
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                                                              Thanks for your help Ruxandra!
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                                                                I fixed it by running:

                                                                icacls c:\programdata /grant administrators:F /t

                                                                from an elevated command prompt. The retry button worked as expected. This is actually taken from another bat file I wrote for dealing with Vista systems altogether. 'itsmine.bat' which contents include:

                                                                takeown /f %1 /r /d /y
                                                                icacls %1 /grant administrators:F /t

                                                                I placed it in my c:\windows directory so it is included in my path, and I can take full ownership of any directory and subdirectories by running 'itsmine c:\fullpathname'. Very handy .bat file for dealing with vista and multiple installs of such.

                                                                Joe Mastro
                                                                Core Technologies
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                                                                  Hi guys ok i add the same problem,& i simply fix this by taking ownership of the programData & i toke ownership of the Microsoft folder.

                                                                  How to do that,simple right clic the ProgramData and select Take Ownership a dos prompt box will pop and it will take time.

                                                                  Once its done do the same with the Microsoft folder inside the ProgramData.


                                                                  The problem seem to be in the install shield installer,not in windows.

                                                                  Also this only accure on dual boot system,when vista is on the D:\ drive.

                                                                  So i hope you guys can understand my crappy english and fix your problem.
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                                                                    Seems like uninstaller for the setup leaves some garbage.
                                                                    Install Adobe Reader to some different location, instead of
                                                                    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0, it worked for me
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                                                                      Joshua L. Chamberlain

                                                                      Great suggestion.  I just tried saving to another folder and it worked.  WHAT a mess trying to resolve this for 8 HOURS total.


                                                                      I am running Vista Home Premium on a new HP laptop with the compartmented C and D drives. I was trying to install Adobe Reader 9.0 and I first got the Error 1303 then on subsequent tries got Error 1317 and kept getting this error code when attempting to download directly from Adobe.


                                                                      I first tried changing security controls for Program Files (x86) and also ProgramData but neither worked.  I mention it because it may work for you as other people on the Forum have said it works.  Also, maybe that change also enabled my fix to work.


                                                                      Ultimately, I got Reader to successfully install by first downloading and saving the files to my desktop.  Then installing it to a folder other than my default which was Program Files (x86).  I created a new folder and named it Adobe.  Then clicked on the Adobe Reader software which had been downloaded on to my desktop and INSTALLED the Adobe Reader software in to that file.  It worked!  Hope that helps save you some of the many hours that I have lost dealing with this issue!