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    Insufficient Rights Window for non-admins after 8.1.2 successful install

      After a successful update to 8.1.2 Adobe Reader on a Windows 2003 terminal server on 2/20, all non-administrative accounts are now getting an informational pop up window at login that says "Insufficient Rights" in the Window header and "Adobe Updater can only be run by users with administrator rights" in the information text.

      The "Check for Updates" option in the Reader Help does not exist for them. In an administrative account, the Auto Update has been unchecked in the Updater Preferences.

      I checked for new Reader updates; there are none. I ran the repair option, with success ( no errors reported).

      I tried disabling the reader_sl from the startup, but that did nothing.

      I see many references to AdobeUpdater in the registry, but am not sure which ones may be initiating the program when the user logs in. Several of the registry enties end in \Run

      Adobe Reader is working, but it is annoying to see these "insufficient rights" messages at each login.

      Thank you.