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      I cannot perform an update because I get error 1316.A I am assuming I have a corrupted file.
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          I have the same problem, basically. I cannot open PDFs. I cannot install a fresh Adobe Reader because I cannot uninstall the old one, which must be corrupt. I am unable to uninstall because the installation system cannot find an AcroRead.msi file.

          Does anyone have a suggestion? Thank you.
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            If you get the errors described above, you cannot uninstall the usual way because the cached msi/mst/msp in "C:\Windows\Installer" is corrupt or missing. Also, you possibly cannot update if you accidentally deleted the cached install sources from "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Setup Files\...".

            You can use brute force methods by using the windows installer cleanup tools (MSIZAP.EXE).
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              I have same problem.
              Did you get yours fixed? if so HOW???
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                I have the same problem, 'error 1316 a network error 7.70 msi' ongoing for some time ...i can't use PDF, unintstall, reinstall, nothing - I also get 'error 1311 source file not found....' this is so frustrating - and I'm scared to use heavy handed solutions as I dont have computer know how, do I buy a new computer?
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                  Earlier Adobe Readers have been "Corrupted"
                  Try This----
                  1. Open Browser (I use Google)
                  2. Type in "WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEANUP UTILITY"
                  3. When results appear look for "support,microsoft.com DESCRIPTION OF WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEANUP UTILITY"------CLICK
                  4. When page opens, SCROLL down to "Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Cleanup"-----CLICK
                  5. When "File download-Security Warning" box appears-----CLICK "RUN"
                  6. After download completes,--Open "PROGRAMS" on your computer
                  and look for "WINDOWS INSTALL CLEANUP"---CLICK to open
                  7. When box opens, look for 8.1.1 or any "Adobe Reader" (I don't know which version you have installed)-----CLICK to "HIGHLIGHT"
                  8. At bottom of BOX ----CLICK "REMOVE"
                  9. Go back to "CONTROL PANEL"-"ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS"---Adobe Reader should have been removed
                  10. Now download "ADOBE READER 8.1.2" From Adobe
                  THIS IS NOT USING "BRUTE FORCE" or "HEAVY HANDED" Methods
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                    Thank you sooooo much!!! This worked like a charm for my problem. I was getting a "missing installation source" message., And the 'AdbeRdr812_en_US.msi' was nowhere to be found. I followed your instructions and I was able to remove the Reader 8.1.2 and download 9. Thanks!!!
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                      ME AND MY MOM LOVE YOU DUDE.!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE AN ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                        Hi when I am trying to open pdf file it opens the page showing error & close the application.
                        When I tried to reinstall it by uninstalling the old one it shows the message that I need to enter an alternate path containing the installation package acroread.msi package installation.
                        Please advice me how to sort it out.
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                          pwillener Level 8
                          Remove it with the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, then reinstall.

                          Next time please start a new thread instead of hijacking an existing thread with a different problem.
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                            I uninstalled version 8.12 before trying to install version 9.
                            When trying to install version 9 - it said that i had a acroread.msi file missing.

                            I installed WINDOWS INSTALLER CLEANUP UTILITY on Windows XP and removed the Adobe files found.

                            There is no Adobe reader program installed - i checked via Add/remove programs under the control panel

                            I still cannot install any version. Version 8.0 says that i have a new one installed. Version 8.12 and version 9.0 both say that i still have acroread.msi missing.

                            I cannot solve how to install version 9
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                              pwillener Level 8
                              This should not happen if you removed all Adobe Reader occurrences with the cleanup tool. Please run it again and see if there is anything Adobe left anywhere. (Ignore Adobe Flash Player & Shockwave Player.)
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                                This is why i am going crazy because i have downloaded several clean up tools including the windows one and i have eradicated every source that i know of.

                                And yet i still cannot install any version of adobe!
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                                  Hope the issue is resolved, adding in case any other find the issue.

                                  Direct download Link given below.

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                                    For windows 8, google Microsoft FixIt. It will fix the problem. The Windows Utility Cleanup thing is no longer functional.