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    Why won't Adobe fix the Preparing document for reading feature?

      I've searched repeatedly for reference to the 'preparing document for reading' annoyance and all I have found are two solutions:

      1) It's a preference you can change
      2) Remove three plugin files from the Reader installation

      #1 is not true, the preference only lets you specify how many pages it will 'prepare' at once. #2 works, but it is a hack, causes an error message about not being screen-reader capable (I know you can turn it off), and requires different files to be deleted between versions. I'm sure it will be even more files you have to delete in Reader 9.

      What I have not be able to find is any acknowledgement from Adobe that this is an issue or that it should be fixed. Why?

      If anything, Reader's accessability features should follow Windows accessability settings. What is the point to putting in a feature that 95% of people will not ever use with no possible way to disable it?

      The #2 hack is not a practical solution for large-scale deployment of Reader, and it shouldn't be necessary in the first place.