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    Reader 8.1.2. freezes system (Vista Ultimate)

      Ever since upgrading to 8.2.1., and not always, when I try to open a pdf, my system freezes completely. After opening the document, the mouse pointer disappears for a second or two, and when I am lucky, it comes back. When not, the clock in the side bar stops running, ant that's when I know: It froze again. Who would have thought that a simple software to display the contents of a file could lock up the whole machine. All I can do is to switch the computer off using the power-button, everything else froze. This is extremely annoying - going through any open window, saving everything, closing outlook, and then click on a pdf-file, because you cannot risk loosing all your data, and maybe messing up the whole set up of the computer just because you want to read a one page pdf.

      I tried reinstalling, also as admin (although my account is an admin account), regularly delete "excess" temporary files (whatever that means), and for a couple of days I may be lucky and able to work with the reader. And then - out of the blue - it happens again.

      I have no other version of the reader installed, nor does the system otherwise cause trouble with anything. Plenty of memory and disk space available, Dell Dimension 9200, Vista Ultimate SP1, all updates installed, everything running smoothly.

      I did have - for a short time - Acrobat 5.0 on the machine, but deinstalled it.

      My best guess is that cleaning up the registry from old Acrobat software might help, and would do it if I knew what to delete.

      By the way, this started happening with the reader 8.1.2, no other reader caused this behaviour before. The older versions just did fine -

      Any clue?