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    Open all documents in the same window ?

      How in Reader 9 can I configure it to open all documents in the same window instead of as individual windows?

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          I have exactly the same window and it seems that this option has been removed from Reader 9. I uninstalled it and using 8.1.2 happily.
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            I am missing it very much.
            I was using this function for opening 30 pdf files at the same time.

            Going back to Reader 8.x would be usable. It was the best function in Reader. Why would they scrap it?
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              I use reader 8 on linux too and there this feature is not supported. i think they've reached the most illogical/boneheaded conclusion that both readers should have the same feature set and removed it from windows too. the smart move would've of course been to add the feature to linux but i guess that's too smart for adobe.

              there may be a technical reason in linux for why they're not doing it but i wouldn't be surprised if the reason is so lame as that they've started using a single code base and the widget library doesn't support mdi for some reason.

              I think adobe is getting too arrogant for their own good after macromedia buy but one thing they don't realize is that they're not a monopoly like msft so they can't just decide to piss of their customers.
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                How do I go back to v8? Their ActiveX installer only allows me to take version 9.
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                  Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Go here:
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                    Thanks, Berndt.

                    I'm going to have to find an alternative to Reader - perhaps Foxit or similar. IMO, no version of Reader since 3 has been any good. That is when they removed the ability to set the "Start In" folder for the shortcut so that we would always be looking in a specific folder for our PDFs. Instead, Adobe insisted on always looking in My Docs first. That was the beginning of the end of my patience. This just tears it.
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                      Another option is to file a bug here and hope that there is enough feedback for them to change their minds and put this feature back in:

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                        File it, let's see how many people we can get to submit.

                        They really had their heads up their ***** with this one.

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                          I believe the whole push to SDI was to match the features of Microsoft Office. I agree with you all, it was not a good reason to remove MDI. What I have been told is "why not just put all your documents into a PDF package (or portfolio) and embed your index?" We still support older versions of Reader in the field, so this wasn't an option for us. Plus we typically have navigation between documents. This document explains what we are talking about here:

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                            Bug report sent to Adobe:

                            Concise problem statement:
                            MDI removed from Reader 9
                            Steps to reproduce bug:
                            1. Open more than one document.
                            2. Look at taskbar overflowing.
                            Results: Customer is pissed off.
                            Expected results: Happy customer.
                            Steps to make customer happy: Get your heads out of your ***, and make MDI not just an option, but the DEFAULT. Who the hell thought going back to Windows 3.0 SDI interface technology was a good idea? Please post his/her name, and whoever approved that decision's name publically, because a) they will (or should) be looking for a new job since they just got fired, and b) I don't want to make the mistake of hiring them. I mean seriously. I thought what I was reading on the web was a hoax. I had to check snopes.com to be sure. Do you guys not have a random drug testing policy? For that matter, do you not realize that when a person, that you're trusting to make important decisions that affect millions of people, is sitting at their desk drooling on themselves and can't get out more than a single syllable word, that maybe, just maybe, they're not the person you should have in that position? Is this a product line wide decision? Should I look at scrapping all of my other Adobe / Macromedia products and upgrading to those that support 15 year old technology? Are you going to turn into another Symantec? Hey, lets buy take over great companies with great products, turn the product lines into crap, and then discontinue and abandon them. Seriously, what should we expect for Reader 10.0? Are you going to be upgrading to a console application? Please, please, please for 11.0 can we have it be phosphorous green too? I think Im going to go back to my bottle of wine now
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                              Where can I go to download V8 for windows? I keep getting directed to V9 even when going for previous version.

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                                Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                                Use this site:
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                                  I know you answered this for me once before but I could not find the link by searching the forum. Thanks for the information.
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                                    I missed it too in Reader 9. I thought it might be the option got moved around to some area where it was easily found, but through this forum, I found out the truth. They removed it!

                                    Reader 9 has been removed from this PC and I will not put it on anything, period. MDI is a feature I like, and want, to keep the taskbar uncluttered. SDI is a pain in the arse when using a trackball. Not everyone uses the same hardware or uses the software in the same manner. It should not have been removed, just left as an option for the user to enable based on their preferences. Just because Microsoft does one thing, it does not mean it was good or well thought out.

                                    Reader 8.1.2 is installed now, and will be the last one I use until MDI is restored as an option for future versions.
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                                      Hey, guess what - Foxit Reader has built-in tabbed documents. Last I checked, Adobe was a much larger company with more resources. Apparently, they cannot think straight though.
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                                        Right...I'll also chime in saying "bring back MDI". An excellent feature, so I don't understand why it was removed in the new version of reader. Oh well...

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                                          I'm for it also, you just can't change it when the old farts like it one way, it's like "re-inventing the wheel in a square shape" it just isn't the same, productivity is down, redunancy is up and time wasting is at it's peak!!!! bring back MDI!!!!
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                                            Here is the link to why this option isn't there any more:

                                            Beyond what everyone else said in that blog, being able to open documents inside a single window allows you to flip back and forth between two pages in different documents using the "Previous View" and "Next View" buttons. Now, you can get the same effect if you have two Adobe Reader windows open and have them positioned side-by-side so that you can look from one window to the other, but if you're not running a dual-monitor system, you won't have enough real estate on your monitor to do this effectively.

                                            The "Previous View" and "Next View" buttons allow for maximum monitor real estate usage and lets you magnify each section of both documents so that they can be at a level that is readable.

                                            In the TechNote that is found at http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=kb405108&sliceId=2, they give you the work-around of using the "Group similar taskbar buttons", but if you're still running Windows 2000, that doesn't help you.
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                                              wallanbrook Level 1

                                              This is the worst thing to happen to acrobat, in my opinion.


                                              The clutter that it creates on my computer and the fact that i cant even see the document title when I have a bunch of them open (because the task bar is too full) is unacceptable.


                                              I never would have changed from Acrobat 8 if I had known, and now I cant switch back (company license).


                                              The latest thing i can find about addressing it is here:




                                              which was in november 2008....


                                              why hasnt any thing else been done about it?  I just spent 45 minutes being sent to different departments over the phone, only to be told to submit a feature request.


                                              Please do this if you havent already: