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    Reader Submit Error: Server has invalid SSL certificate.

      Hi all,<br /><br />we are currently testing an application based on EForms but we experienced a problem with Adobe Reader 9. <br /><br />When the user submit an EForm, if the server to contact for the submit is an HTTPS server with our internal SSL Certificate (not validated by any authority) Adobe Reader on windows popup the error: "An error occurred during submit process. The server has an invalid SSL certificate." On Linux instead the popup tells how to solve the problem: I had just to add the certificate with "acroread -installCertificate <server-address> <port>". <br /><br />How can I solve the problem on windows version of Acrobat? I've tried adding the certificate everywhere on the security/identities settings but with no effect. There's a way to make it works also on windows, installing the certificate?<br /><br />Thanks in advance,<br /><br />Marco Rossi
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          Adobe Reader 9 and ebooks do not work well together on a Mac. What needs to
          be done is you need to trash Adobe Reader 9 and then download and install
          Adobe Reader 8 from
          once this is done then you need to install the Adobe Security Certificate to
          your Mac OS Keychain. The certificate can be downloaded from
          you should use firefox, not safari to download this certificate.