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    Printer scaling

      When I print PDF documents using Mac OS 10.4 with Adobe Reader 8.0 or 9.0, the print is scaled down. This is especially apparent from top to bottom.

      One of the documents I'm printing are scannable student answer sheets. Students bubble their answers and the exams are graded by software scanning them. The answer sheets have 6 registration marks around the perimeter of the page.

      When the page is scanned, the software cannot read the students' marks because they are out of position. It looks like the bottom registration marks are about a half-inch too far up the page.

      I have tried printing to 3 printers (2 Xerox Phasers & a Xerox WorkCentre networked copier) all with the same result.

      I have printed the same answer sheets, from the same file, using Reader 7.0 on a Windows PC and they scan correctly.

      I have tried using "none", "fit to printable area" and "shrink to printable area" for page scaling in the print dialog window. Using "none" puts the registration marks too close to the edge, and the other options put the marks too far from the edge.