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    Adobe Reader 9 overwrites shared review xml file on comment server

      Operating System: Windows XP
      Acrobat Pro version: 8.1.2
      Adobe Reader version: 9.0

      Steps to reproduce bug:

      1. Initiate shared review via email using Acrobat Pro version 8.1.2.
      2. Reviewer uses Adobe Reader 9.0 to join review and publishes comments without saving a local copy.
      3. Same reviewer accesses the same PDF attachment from email to make additional comments and clicks Check for New comments button and accepts changes.

      Results: The reviewer's xml file on the comment server gets overwritten with a new blank xml file, thereby deleting the reviewer's previous comments.

      Expected results: The published comments in the xml file should be preserved and any new comments should simply be added to the xml file.

      This resulted in lost comments for one of our reviewers because she did not save a local copy of the PDF file after originally publishing her first set of 30+ comments. So when she accessed the file again from the invitation email and clicked Check for New Comments, the Adobe Reader 9 saw that her new overwritten comment file was empty and therefore deleted all of her previously published comments.