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    I can't use the sticky note function-Help!

      I have version 9 and I am not able to makes sticky notes in reviewing the work that is sent to me. I had version 5 where all worked well and recently got a new hard drive and installed Adobe Reader 9. I read that the document has to have permission to make comments and when I go to preferences it says that this document does not have permission....but when I call the person who sent it(graphic artist who works in Quark) -she said that nothing has changed and that it does have permission. Help! What do I do to be able to use the sticky note function again.
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Can you post the file somewhere for us to look at?

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            Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Did the creator of the document enable the document for commenting and analysis in Adobe Reader?
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              I have noticed a similar problem at my friends computer. The small company he works for has a regular Apple Quad tower running Version Cue 3 w/ Leopard. The system has Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional installed. When he logs in and creates a PDF review, he is able to see the review window open up in Safari with the commenting features. Granted, since he has Adobe 9 Pro, he doesn't need to "Enable the Commenting" feature.

              So we tested on his lap top that just had the Adobe Reader 9 (AR9) recently installed on a fresh copy of Tiger 10.4.11. He got his invite email and went to the server and was able to do all the functions except for one: when he went to check out the review and clicked to open the PDF, it came up with an JavaScript error indicating that the: This Document is Available for Review in Acrobat Reader. You must use Adobe Acrobat .. blah blah

              So I did the next obvious step and went to AR9 and and "Enabled the Commenting". Saved it as a different document name and re imported it into the Version Cue through Bridge. I went back in and tried to initiate a new review with the updated file. SAME ERROR POPPED UP. Now, I was able to directly open the PDF document that I exported from AR9 on my friend's lap top (solo Reader) and the document loaded successfully.

              The users all have the proper permissions. It works on a system with Acrobat but not with just the Reader installed. Any ideas out there?
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                sorry for the confusion:

                I enabled the commenting on Acrobat Pro 9. But it still didn't work.
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                  Hello? What gives?

                  Alright I have tried this on two systems now and it appears that this PDF Review feature is shot on Adobe Reader 9. Though I can enable commenting on Acrobat Pro, it will require my clients to have a $300 piece of software in order to make comments. I tried looking up some tech help on Version Cue and its thin. Can somebody please give me a definitive answer on this. Either that this Version Cue thing is a dead experiment or that there is some way to get this working.
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                    Does anyone know if there is a way to print the sticky notes in a document in Adobe Reader 9? In version 8, you can set it up in your Preferences, but that's not an option in version 9.

                    I also tried the steps below, but step 2 (select commenting) is evidently not an option in Reader 9.

                    To print your comments as sticky notes on the page:

                    Choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Acrobat > Preferences (Mac OS).
                    Select Commenting.
                    In the Commenting pane, select Print Notes And Pop-ups.
                    Click OK.
                    In the Print dialog box, choose Document And Markups from the Comments And Forms menu. Your pop-up comments will be visible in the Preview pane.
                    Click OK or Print.

                    My print dialog box already has document and markups selected.
                    Any other suggestions out there?