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    Adobe Reader 9 and FileSite/Worksite plug

      I am rolling out Adobe Reader 9 to my network, all pc's use XP Pro, SP2 or greater. The DM system is Interwoven's FileSite. I have the latest plug-in for Filesite / Reader 9
      On 1 pc with XP SP3, I have installed Reader without any problems, but as soon as I copy the Interwoven plugin to the plugin folder and then try to open adobe reader 9, it produces an error.
      All other computers with XP-sp2 or XP-sp3 have worked fine
      I have unistalled all adobe products and cleaned the registry, deleted all adobe folders and rebooted the PC. Reinstalled Reader 9 and it worked fine and then when I inserted the FileSite plugin, hey presto error re-appears. I can only assume that there is a bug in the plug-in?
      The error reads as follows
      CreateOnlineAppModeWindow:Missing context item
      Hope somebody can help
      Thanks in advance