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    Printing freezes Acrobat Reader various versions

      I have one (luckily, just one) client who has a problem printing from Acrobat Reader. So far, this problem has been with v6.x, v7.x, and v9.x (uninstalled 6.x, installed and uninstalled 7.x, and then installed 9.x, trying to solve this issue, with no changes).

      For the longest time, there was NO problem printing PDF files. Then, she couldn't print at all, it would bring up an error message. I read where setting/changing the default printer would solve this, and it did -- to a point.

      Now, when she tries to print (FILE | PRINT -- read below as to why this is necessary), it will print, but the printer dialog box takes a LONG time to come up (3-5 minutes) and then the drop down menu to select a printer takes a long time to come up, as well.

      She travels between various offices, which is why she must use FILE | PRINT -- she needs to choose the printer(s) that are available to her when she logs into the network. There are HP, Cannon, Lexmark, and other printers at these various locations.

      The problem *only* happens in Acrobat Reader. All of the other applications print fine.

      Today, I discovered something interesting by accident. If she is *disconnected* from a network, and starts a print job (again, FILE | PRINT), the printer dialog box opens almost immediately, as does the printer selection drop-down menu. She can then reconnect to the network, after selecting a printer, and then press OK (to print), at which time it does print just fine.

      So, in a nutshell:

      (1) It *only* happens when trying to print something from Acrobat Reader regardless of version.

      (2) It is *only* slow to bring up the printer dialog box, and printer selection drop-down menu when connected to a network.

      (3) It *will* eventually (say 3-5 minutes later) bring up the printer dialog box, and printer selection drop-down menu, and print, when connected to a network.

      (4) She is using Windows XP (I didnt check on the service pack version, it is, for certain SP2 at least, although she may have allowed Windows Updates to upgrade it to SP3). Multiple printers are being used, from various vendors (HP, Lexmark, Canon, others) so it is extremely unlikely that it is a printer driver issue.

      (5) There are others with identical laptops, Windows XP, and using the same printers and Acrobat Reader who also travel to the same offices and work in the same fashion as she, and they do not have this issue.

      So, anyone out there smarter than me, any suggestions about how to resolve this?