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    reader 9.0 install problem

      I too am having problems with this install. The message is twofold: Network not supported; then it's looking for something called 'sfr.msi file'.

      I tried the windows cleanup suggestion, got another error from them saying " cannot find script engine for VBScript............." (shortened version). i have no idea what these mean or what to do about them.

      Unfortunately, Adobe has become so pervasive it's now a necessity. I have no other way to download needed forms.

      Acrobat installed just fine.

      Please help!
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          reader 9.0 install problem

          can not install version 9 because I do not have the newest Microsoft Browser (and will never have!).
          I am using the newest Morzilla Firefox.
          What is the suggestion for an installation without Microsoft Browsers, or is this not possible.
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            (Aandi_Inston) Level 1
            Internet Explorer is a system requirement. If you don't meet system
            requirements you can't install the software.

            You don't need the latest version: 6.0 will do. Changes are, this came
            with Windows.

            You don't need to use it as your browser, but it must be installed.
            Intenet Explorer provides some crucial Windows components, which many
            programs use.

            Aandi Inston
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              I had a few problems with this installation too. I don't know how i ended up doing it i just played around with it for a while and it worked lol.
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                I have Adobe Reader version 8.1.2 installed and had no problems until recently. Now when I try to download a PDF file I get: "The feature you are trying to access is on a network that is unavailable." I get the same message when I try to download version 9 and even when I use Control Panel to try to uninstall my current version. In other words, I am completely stuck! Windows Installer Cleaning Utility didn't help. I have made no changes in my system that could cause this problem.
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                  Mac OS 10.4.11: I could not open pdf docs today (12-24-08), uninstalled & installed Adobe Reader 9.0.0. pdf docs icons changed but open, however cannot open Reader from Applications and get: Adobe Reader
                  Version 9.0.0
                  Installing/fixing installation

                  Then immediately get this error message:
                  Adobe Reader could not install correctly.
                  Adobe Reader was unable to install a necessary component
                  and must quit.

                  Any help out there for me?
                  Thanks, Tony