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    Reader 9 Updates

      Our network guy fixed someone's .pdf printing problem by using the "Get Latest Update" feature in Adobe Reader. Now he wants me to push that update to all the corporate computers. I cannot find any updates for Adobe Reader 9 anywhere.
      One thing I did notice though is that the current download release of Adobe Reader 9 is 34.3 MB.
      However, is I go to the following link, the size is 33.5 MB. And it won't let me download it, but rather wants to autoinstall. I need to be able to download the very latest Adobe Reader 9 so I can install from a script. Anyone know where I can get the very latest Adobe Reader 9 that includes all updates?

      http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep3.html?option=full&platform=WinXPSP2&order=1 &type=&esdcanbeused=0&esdcanhandle=0&hasjavascript=1&dlm=nos&rdr_ver=reader9&os=win&winPla tform=WinXPSP2&macPlatform=&linuxPlatform=&solarisPlatform=&aixPlatform=&hpPlatform=&mobil ePlatform=&otherPlatform=&language=English&buttonContinue=Continue&order_radio=1&buttonDow nload=Download+Adobe+Reader&getgtb=0&getsconly=0
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          More information.... I finally figured out where to grab the actual update itself. It was downloaded during Adobe Reader update to c:\Documents and Setttings\....
          So I grabbed the .msi file from there. Now I'm trying to figure out how to push the .msi file. It doesn't seem to work with the following:

          msiexec /i AdbeRdrSD90_all.msi /qn

          Keeps popping up the msiexec options to let me know I've got them wrong. Maybe I have to create a transform file first? I'll try that.

          Anyone else have a working msiexec command that works for this recent update?
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            I updated to Adobe 9 from Adobe 8.1.2 from the Adobe website which says it is 33.5 MB. After installation, I went to Add/Remove Programs and noticed that the new Adobe 9 is 204.00 MB and not 33.5 MB as specified. This is a huge difference. The previous version is 86.47 MB. I uninstalled the new version because it is taking up too much space. It also installed AIR (whatever that is), Acrobat and something else. When I did not allow the firewall to install those things, the new version could not be installed. I am a HOME user.

            How can I install Adobe 9 with 33.5 MB as it says on the site? I also tried to install from the Hippo site and the same thing happened so I uninstalled it again.
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              You can download the smaller version (without AIR etc.) from http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/9.x/9.0/enu/AdbeRdr90_en_US_Std.exe

              Naturally the installed size is larger than the compressed installer size.
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                dowload adobe reader 9 svp
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                  I downloaded and installed from the above site but the Add/Remove Programs still says it is 204.00 MB.
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                    Mac OS 10.4.11: I could not open pdf docs today (12-24-08), uninstalled & installed Adobe Reader 9.0.0. pdf docs icons changed but open, however cannot open Reader from Applications and get: Adobe Reader
                    Version 9.0.0
                    Installing/fixing installation

                    Then immediately get this error message:
                    Adobe Reader could not install correctly.
                    Adobe Reader was unable to install a necessary component
                    and must quit.

                    Any help out there for me?
                    Thanks, Tony