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    Quality problem when OLE linking a pdf

      Hi all

      I'm trying to insert a pdf-file as an OLE object within Excel. The problem is, that the pdf will show up fine, but the quality will be really lousy (both on screen and when printed). When I open it in the Adobe Reader, it'll look just fine. I've tried all possible combinations of Excel 2000/2007 and Adobe Reader 6/7/8. Nothing varies at all.

      Is there any secret setting I need to toggle in order to get it to work?

      Thanks in advance for any pointers!
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          Hi I am going crazy trying to figure this out and I have watsed so much time already...HELP!!

          I received a PDF drawing and I needed to add some things to it like desks and chairs, ect. Its basically a floor plan of an office building.

          How do I copy or send to or transer to an excell spread sheet and still be able to use it the way that I need to?

          I actually was able to cut and paste the PDF to my spread sheet and add the things I needed to but heres the problem. When I go to print my work out it does not print the PDF drawing at all.

          So I end up with this page with only the things that I added and no drawing at all.

          Is there a way to have everything printed out PDF along with my add ons?

          Thanks so much in advance!