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    Tried to update & install Adobe Reader 9.0

      Under C;'Adobe', & program files-'Adobe', I have Acrobat 6.0 & 7.0, Adobe Help Viewer, Adobe Help Viewer(2), & Reader 8.0 listed. Unable to update & install Adobe Reader 9.0, am told error 1714, the older version of 9 cannot be removed(it is not listed as installed anyway). Tried to install 8.1.2, got same error 1714, older version of Adobe Reader 8.1.2 cannot be removed(don't have that one listed as installed either). Could not uninstall or repair version 8.0 (that is listed) using add/remove programs. Do I remove ALL of the programs listed, so I can put on the new 9.0? And if so, HOW??? Some of my things won't print because something is missing in Adobe Reader.