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    Terminal Server

      I got two servers:

      Server 1:

      OS: Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition
      Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 Mhz
      RAM: 1.2 Gb

      Seerver 2:

      OS: Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition
      Processor: Intel Xeon 3000 Mhz
      RAM: 4 Gb

      The problenm starts when i open a terminal server session in Server 2.

      I start a session in an old computer. I open a terminal server sessionon one of the servers, and once started i open a pdf file with images with Acrobat Reader 8. I scroll through the pages on clicking with the right mouse button on the arrow at the scrolling bar on the right side to navigate through the document. On Server 1, the old server, the scroll is fluid an acceptable. When i do this in server 2, the documents redraws itself full with every tick so it has to transmit the full page every time (tick) so the draw is very slow and not smooth, making it very hard to navigate through the document. I understand this should not happen, cause in the faster server it should work better and not worst, adn when i don't scroll on terminal server session, but in the console of both servers, the Server 2, the faster one, works much better. There should be a way to configure Adrobe Reader to normalize the situation in Server 2.

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          I am only guessing, but have you got the same version of reader on both servers?

          I have exactly the same problem (except that I have upgraded all of my servers to 8).
          I personally believe that this problem started > version 6.

          I have found that if you turn preferences|rendering and set "monitor" to "none" it will improve things..

          We had better luck when we were running <6 - and it is so annoying I am really considering downgrading just to stop my 300'odd users complaining everytime the scroll!

          Hope this helps.

          BTW: search for RDP (which is what you use when you connect to a windows terminal server) in the forum and you find me and others who are also suffering from this...