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    PDF page disappears

      I go to open a PDF and it stays up for a couple of seconds and then closes.
      If I try to mouse down, it closes also.
      I have Adobe Reader 9
      Am using Firefox
      Windows XP
      Any help would be appreciated.
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          pwillener Level 8
          Can you find if there is anything in the Event Viewer that could indicate what happened?
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            Nemuri13 Level 1
            Teri...this behavior is usually the result of the License Agreement having not been accepted. Do you remember accepting the License Agreement? If not create a new admin user on your computer. Log into the new account and try to launch Reader. Chances are you will be presented with the License Agreement and you will be able to accept it and have Reader launch. After this you can go back into your old account and use the Reader. Good Luck!