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    pdf  WEB PAGES  -  MISSING SNAPSHOT TOOL (and others)

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      I recently installed Adobe reader 9 and this has been a severely retrograde move. My university course makes ALL our lecture notes and documents avaialble OVER OUR INTRANET (i.e. as WEB PAGES) as pdf documents - we used to be able to simply click on the link and view them in a webpage, then use the Adobe snapshot tool whenever necessary to extract pictures or text from the notes (which often have ENORMOUS variations in font size and picture resolution WITHIN the ONE DOCUMENT) and paste them into a temporary document in order to blow them up and print them out so we can SEE them. They also often needed to be ROTATED before they could be printed out.

      Now however, the Adobe reader 9, when we view these documents IN A WEB PAGE, has NO tools that allow us to do these VERY IMPORTANT MEASURES to make our lecture notes READABLE. All it allows us to do is to print it as it is!

      In an incredibly demanding and intensive course, we now have to WASTE TIME we can ILL AFFORD by saving the document (which we DON'T WANT or NEED TO SAVE) and THEN OPEN it, use the tools which suddenly appear in Adobe reader 9 when opening a saved document, do what we need to do to print out something readable, then remember to delete what we've saved.

      This we have to do OVER and OVER AGAIN - it is UNELIEVABLY INCONSIDERATE and ANNOYING.

      We are already under HUGE pressure in our course, and students in the REAL WORLD do NOT have rich American mummies and daddies who pay all our expenses - we CANT AFFORD to buy every new expensive Adobe program just because our university decides to use pdf for everything.

      If anyone has information that there IS a way to do snapshots, rotation etc on a pdf document VIEWED IN A WEB PAGE, could you please advise us here? Thankyou!