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    Anti-aliasing dotted type rules in INDD PDFs

      Hello there

      I wonder if anyone can help me. In Indesign CS3, I have created some type with a dotted line above it using the 'rule above' method. When I export it as a PDF it comes up in Acrobat reader 7 & 8 with the text aliased fine, but the dots of the rule are not anti-aliased. I have tried both the inbuilt 'export as a pdf' and the 'save as pdf' command in the print menu. I have tried exporting as a 'PDF/X-4' and 'Smallest file size'. I have tried turning all compression off, even 'line art' but still no joy. It prints out fine, but this is for viewing from the web so it has to look good on screen. When I draw a rule and apply the inbuilt dotted style this also happens. I have tried creating my own dotted rule and still no joy.

      Has anyone any ideas on how to solve this?