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    Cannot Print PDF File from IE8 Beta 2

      I recently installed Adobe Reader 9 and Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 under Vista 32-bit. When a PDF file appears under IE8, I cannot print the file. The print command shows only a blank page. If I save the PDF file, open Adobe Reader 9 and open this PDF file, I can print the file correctly. Please advise if you have the same issue and possible fixes?
      Thank you...
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          I have a similar problem. I have Adobe Reader 9 and IE8 Beta 2 on Vista Ultimate, and other pdf drivers as well. When I try to print to any pdf driver in IE8 B2 I get "Access Denied" message box, then when I click OK I guest a script error on line 2037, Char 1, unspecified error, code 0, URL: res//ieframe.dll/preview.js. It occurs with all the pdf print drivers I have including ScanSoft PDFCreate, Quicken PDF printer, and DocuCom PDF printer. If I do print preview and then print, there is no response.

          Debugging java scripts is more than I want to get into. Any ideas?
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            MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            IE8 Beta is beta software. It is unsupported by Adobe. MS should make
            IE8 compatible with Reader please report it to them.