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      The problem I'm haven't is.
      I'm with: Process At Home* Websites
      I have to read their: 'Tutorial'
      They ran me though your system so I would be able to get their "Tutorial", but I still can not get them. They told me to contact you, and you would be able to correct my problem.
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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          They probably didn't tell you to contact me, but rather to contact Adobe? This is a user to user forum rather than actual Adobe tech support.

          So on to the problem. First, is their tutorial a .pdf file? If so, how are you trying to view it (through the web browser, downloading and trying to open in Reader...etc)?

          What OS? What version of Reader (if any) do you have?

          The more info you give us the better the chance we can help you out.

          >They ran me though your system

          Might be helpful to explain what you mean by that as well. What "system" are you referring to?