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    Installing Adobe Reader 9 from an MSI via Group Policy.


      I am just getting around to sorting out all our software packages to install correctly via their MSI files on Group Policy.

      I have a couple of issues regarding the Adobe Reader 9 .msi which i hope people can give me an answer to.

      1. Is it possible to install Adobe Reader 9 via its .msi in Group Policy. I have tried numerous times and when it has finished installing it i try running it and I keep getting a run time error. Has anyone else had this problem before and if so is there a way of fixing it?

      This is the process that i performing prior to rolling out Adobe Reader 9 via group policy.

      1. Download AR9 and let it extract. I then navigate to

      user profile\local settings\application data\Adobe\reader 9.0\setup files

      In here is where all the files are which are needed for the msi installation. I then copy them to my desktop and open "Adobe Customisation Wizard 9".

      1. Go to File and Open Package. I navigate to my desktop where i copied the reader 9 folder to and open the AcroRead.msi.

      I believe here is where I may be going wrong with a few settings. So here we go.

      1. Personalization Options.
      Nothing here for me to fill out other then "Installation Path". It is set to "Default Installation Path" but i have decided that i want to install it to: c:\program files\Adobe\Adobe Reader 9 so i have changed it to that directory.

      2. Installation Options.
      I keep it so that the "installer will decide which product will be the default" is checked and then i tick the "enable optimization" and "enable caching of installer files on local hard drive. Under the "Run Installation" i want it to run silently and i all "suppress reboot".

      3. Files and Folders.
      Don't think there is anything in here for me to change.

      4. Registry
      Nothing here for me to change either.

      5. Shortcuts.
      I leave this as default so there is one of the desktop and one in Start>programs.

      6. Server Locations.
      Im not sure whether i should add a server here or not. We basically have created a share on one of our servers for distribution for all of our software products. We just keep the installation files in here. Should i add additional server location paths?

      7. Security.
      I leave this as default.

      8. Digital Signatures.
      Leave this as default.

      9.EULA and document Status.
      I tick both the "Suppress display of End User License Agreement" and "Hide document message bar"

      10. Online and Acrobat features.
      - I check the "Disable all updates feature.
      for "Loat trusted roots certificates from Adobe" I enable and install silently.
      - i disable the product improvement program.
      - Disable all acrobat.com features.

      All the rest i leave unchecked or as default.

      11. Comments and Forms
      Leave as default

      12. File Attachments
      Leave as default

      13. Launch other apps.

      14. Direct Editor
      Not even touched this.

      So after i have done all this i then do a file and save. I then load it up on to group policy and then attach the modification .mst i have just created and then run it.

      After that i restart our test box and everything seems to install ok and then when I click on the desktop Shortcut i get a run time error. This is what I get.

      "RunTime Error!

      Program: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Reader 9\Reader\AcroRd32.exe.

      This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
      Please contact the applications support team for more information."

      Please can anyone help or give me some feedback on this.