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    Viewing a  Acrobat pdf in Windows Vista

      Help. I loaded Acrobat Reader 9 onto my new computer with Windows Vista - when downloading and opening up a pdf file - it opens up with a bunch of letters, hieroglyphics, etc. To view properly I have to save the file, open up Acrobat Reader, use the Open menu to locate it and open it. What do I do to have it just open properly when I click open?? Thx, Bob
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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          When it opens and shows the letters, hieroglyphics, etc., is it opening in Reader or something else.

          If another appication is opening it, go to the help files for your OS and find out how to change file associations. Change them to Reader.
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            I HAVE DOWNLOADET ADOBE reader the latest version, and cannot open it/use it. and adobe has changed all the icons of the computer and has changed the programs so i cannot open any of it! i tried to open the windows firewall, but even this program was modified by the adobe rader so it would not open. i have many times unistalled and reinstalled it. the problem after downloading is, besides that
            it changes all the programs and icons, that it pops up a message saiyng (translatet from danish):"this file does not have a connected program,that can execute this action..."
            so i can not open adobe reader and i cannot open a lot of other programs because they suddenly have become adobe reader.
            i have windows vista and enough space on the laptop to download it.
            please help.