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    Reader on RDP/Terminal Server setup

      I have a burgioning problem that is beginning to get annoying.

      I am looking for a way to force the reader to display in a lower resolution - regardless of the file resolution - until told otherwise.

      We run 4 terminal servers (2003Sp2) that host about 300 users. Plenty of ram/processor etc..

      The users are running rdesktop-based workstations to access the server (16Bit colour) across slow'ish DSL links (512Kb-1Mb each..)

      All works fine until we view Large (read: high res) pdf files via RDP.. then it becomes blocky to view the graphics - especially when scrolling.

      I have turned off the text rendering (from monitor to none) and unticked all teh usual suspects in Edit|Preferences.. that improved but not fixed.

      I have noted that if we scroll when we zoom OUT (ie. on a page view) the problem is less noticable, however when we view a 1/2 page view (ie so we can read the document for example), and want to see the next page... it is "blocky" to redraw the screen.

      We believe that this only really started happing from AR version 6+... but it is really annoying now (running latest).

      I suspect it is because of the quality of the PDF is high - and the PDF reader is trying to display ALL of teh data in the PDF. I am hopin there is a way that we can tell it - "display it in Low Resolution until I tell it otherwise"... this way we can read the document in low res - then when we need to see more detail (ie. too fuzzy/unreadable) we can switch to high-res.... but I am only assuming that is the problem.

      I realise that the problem of "blocky" is because the RDP session is redrawing vast amounts of data, each time it changes - it is exceptionally noticable on scanned documents in high res - and as a result it is always trying to catch up.. and why scrolling is PAINFUL as a result.

      Note this affects ALL 300 clients - and its only on RDP clients. It doesn't matter if they are MS RDP clients or using unix-based Rdesktop, and the problem is reduced (but not eliminated) if they are on a local lan segment to the Terminal Server.

      ANY assistance/input/suggestions would be great..