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    Accessibility issues and Tagging images

      I have documents that I have to make 508 Compliant. In Acrobat Reader it has instructions on how to achieve this task. My issue, it's 'Grayed out", so the steps I'm instructed to follow do not work. The steps are as follows:
      1. Add Alternate text: To add alternate text to an image, choose Tools > Advanced Editing > TouchUp Object Tool. Click on the image. Right click and choose Properties... from the context menu. Click on the Tag tab and fill in the alternate text field. To add alternate text to tags in the tags panel, select the tag, choose Options > Properties, click on the Tag tab, and fill in the alternate text field.

      It would be wonderful if in the dialog box that allows you to click on "tag" would allow you to type in a tag.

      Thoughts? Suggestions?