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    Shrink to  fit page doesn't work

      Hi. I have a complex program which is doing the following.
      Java program calling c++ executable by using "Process" object which is using Win API interface to start new process eg: "c:\PathTo Adobe executable /p /h c:\myPdf.pdf". The document's margins are very close to document's edges, so if I want to print this document normally I use "shrink to page". But the documet printed without shrinking!!!

      When I an opening the same document just inside Acrobat and send it to print, it is printed normally, when I am executing only c++ executable it is printed shinked.

      I tryed it in Acrobat 7,8,9 with the same result.

      Moreover on other PC it is printed shrinked, when executing the whole process I described above!!!

      What can be a problem. It seems to be that Adobe loosing "shrink to fit" settings